The Journey Begins

I have always wanted to start a blog page and after going around in circles on whether to start or not, I finally have. Ever since I can remember I have always cared about what people have said about me. This and the fact that I am fairly socially awkward has taken a toll on me. Letting what others say about me get me has stopped me from doing a lot of things.  Ever since Year 7, I have always wanted to document my trips, my outfits, the food places I try, shopping sprees and so much more. So now, after finishing the first year of my university degree, I am going to do just that.

What is Garam Samosa about?

In the short future, I will make blog posts about Food, Fashion, Lifestyle and Explore.

  • My food blog posts are going to be about FOOD. From restaurants to supermarkets treats to the rare occasion of me trying a new recipe. Some reviews, some go-tos and more.
  • Fashion posts are more along the lines of shopping howls, if any, outfits ideas and tips and tricks. Oh and how can I forget makeup 🙂
  • Lifestyle is about me at university, me with friends, me with family and basically me with just about anything.
  • Explore is about me travelling past my phone, room, laptop, university and work and the occasional opinions about certain issues or topics.

Why the name Garam Samosa?

Well, to be honest, one of the main reason is that I absolutely love to eat garam garam samose, especially with pundina dahi*. With the new year coming close (22 days to be exact but not that I am counting or anything), it is time to think about our new year’s resolution.

*Translation of “garam garam samose, especially with pundina dahi”

  • Garam is Hindi for hot
  • Samose is plural for samosa which is a savoury dish that is deep-fried or baked and filled with potatoes, peas, onion and/or lentils. Some people also add meat.
  • Pudina is Hindi for mint
  • Dahi is Hindi for yoghurt
  • “Garam garam samose, especially with pudina dahi” = “hot hot samosas, especially with mint yoghurt”

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As always, thank you for being the Samosauce to my Garam Samosa!!!



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