Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia

Mum took this photo of me for my Instagram but it never made it 😦

My family and I recently went to Young; also known as the Cherry Capital of Australia. The main reason for the road trip to Young was for the National Cherry Festival. At this festival, there were rides and carnival games, stalls, and a cherry pip spitting competition. This competition was the main event of the festival. One had to pip the cherry and spit it out as far as they could. Sounds simple? Honestly, it wasn’t. The kids had fun and a laugh and the males well the males had more success. In both the competitions, the contestants did run-ups, there were contestants spitting the pip up then it went straight down. Everyone came and watched the numerous contestants spit their pip. There was lots of laughter that brought the whole crowd together.

Views of the Cherry Pip Spitting Competition

After having a look at the rides and stalls and playing the carnival games, we headed to the farms to pick our own cherries. To be honest, I have never eaten so many cherries in one sitting in my life; and I do not regret anything under any circumstances.

The Main Range Orchard Pick Your Own Farm was amazing. There were cherries everywhere: at the top of the tree, in middle, at the bottom and sadly on the floor. Where ever you looked there were cherries. It was cherries galore.

Views of the Main Range Orchard Pick Your Own Farm the cashier

Ballinaclash was amazing but not for the “pick your own” cherries. The second farm we visited was more of a tourist place. Well known and very busy. Cherries were all soft and had a weird bitter aftertaste. Basically, I didn’t like them at all. We had to walk fairly far into the farm to find some decent cherries. At Ballinaclash Farm all the cherries were picked before we made it there due to the number of people there.

On the plus side, there was ice cream and cherry pie. Both for 5 dollars each!!!!. I will absolutely go back just for this cherry pie and I have no shame either. This stall made the ice cream in front of you. The cherry pie was pre-made and put in the fridge because of the heat. Oh my god, just thinking about it makes me hungry for Cherry Pie; let me just grab a tissue to wipe the drowl 😉 .

The cute little stall for the Cherry Ice Cream and Pie

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