Happy New Year

Hello, my lovely readers!!! Thank you all for making my December absolutely amazing. I started Garam Samosa on my Instagram about halfway through the year. Hoping to start a blog post page. Fast track to December and I finally started and I am so happy how this is going. I have gotten so much more support than I have ever imagined I would. Thank you so so so much. Happy New Year to everyone. May this year be your year and may all your new year wishes come true. Much love ❤ .

This post is for everyone who had a tough year last year. Whether it was physically, mentally or emotionally. I hope we all achieved our New Year’s resolution for 2018. If you haven’t then don’t worry about it. The fact that you have survived another year is something to celebrate. In 2019, let’s aim to celebrate our little achievements. Let this year be the start of your freedom. This year you should celebrate yourself and embrace yourself. There are so much self-hate and self-doubt in this world. And it is time to change that.

To the women who spent this year trying to piece themselves back together. I hope 2019 is gentle with your heart. I hope your heat begins the process of seeing the benefit in letting go of someone who no longer deserves your love. Believe in yourself because even when you feel weak, you still mighty enough to give yourself the love that others have refused to give you. – r.h.sin

I share this quote here for everyone, not just for women. For everyone who has been piecing themselves together. For everyone who fought hard for a loved one. For everyone who felt weak at one stage. For everyone who was refused at one point. For everyone who needs a gentle time this year.

I cannot express how much this quote means to me. Ever since I read it, it has stuck with me.  I have always thought of a new year as new problems but not this year. This year is going to be different. As I said above let’s celebrate and embrace yourself.

So here are a few ways that would help to do just exactly that.


To be honest this isn’t that fun but hear me out. Clean out everything that you don’t need or are keeping just for the sake of it. Anything useless can be left in 2018. Take out everything from 2018 and then put back what is needed for 2019. Everything else can be given to charity or thrown out. It is important to have positive vibes throughout your house or apartment. Every single January, I always take everything out of my wardrobe and sort it out properly. Let’s collect memories, not things and leave 2018 behind.

Start or Restart a Hobby

Doing something other than University or work 9 to 5 then chores and then bed will help with mental stability. It is very depressing trying to do this day in and day out. Shoutout to everyone who manages to survive that. For those who can’t start or restart a hobby. For instance, previously I used to be serious about the gym. Not too long ago I have restart gotten very serious about the gym again. The hobby could be a simple as coloring-in or as complex as a sport. Just whatever floats your boat smoothly through 2019.

To-Do Lists/Diary

Make to-do lists so you can physically see what you accomplished in one day. The tiniest thing should be on these lists. After all, we are trying to celebrate and embrace ourselves right? If to-do lists are not your thing then get a diary. Honestly, if you get a diary and plan out the month or the week, you would physically see what you have to do. You would also then realise how much stuff you actually do. If you decide to get a paper diary, choose one that you like. Just find one that works for you. If you want to save this year, find a diary with an expense list. If you want to make lots of little notes about due dates or additions to your to-do list then find a diary that has lots of ‘Notes’ pages. There is a diary out there for everyone.

Priorities – 3 per day

Make a to-do list containing 3 very very important things that you have to do that day. 3 is quite a small number and my heart is beating very hard as a write this but it is a trick I used a while ago to keep myself sane and no freaking out. While making this mini to-do list, think about what is more important to you. For example, social events: Is the person someone special to you, how close are you guys? Another example would be free time: Is it more important to binge watch that TV show on Netflix in sweats or go out with friends to that new restaurant? The utmost priority should be yourself. If you want to do something then do it. If you don’t want to do something then don’t do it. Just be realistic about it.

That is it from me. I thought I would just share that. My mind has been on this for last week; when I saw this quote. I was in tears at the start of this post. Reminiscing about 2018, how I wished I didn’t meet certain people, how I wished somethings happened differently. 2019 is a new year full of new experiences and together we will celebrate and embrace ourselves.

2018 has been one of the toughest yet the most amazing year for me. The person who I was in at the start of 2018 won’t recognize who I am now. I forgive everyone and anyone who has brought me pain intentionally or unintentionally. I also apologize to everyone who I hurt as well.

In 2019 let’s make words like temporary, hate, jealousy, weakness, and so many more left behind 2018 and make words like loyalty, commitment, determination, dedication, and strength the words of 2019.

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