My Top 3 Face Masks

Face masks are an amazing creation in this world. It helps to relax your skin and more importantly you. There are different face masks for different situations. If you have dry skin you would need a moisturising face mask. If your oily skin, you could try a peel-off mask or the face masks that set really hard and dry.  You need to consider so many factors before buying face masks or even making those homemade ones. Before buying any face mask, do a little research into what type of skin is your skin. Take those random online quizzes so you have an idea. Think about what your skin does during the day, during the night and during each season.

I personally have dry skin that gets a little oily during the day and then it is perfect-ish during the night always right before I go to bed. My skin during the summer is quite oily and during winter is it just constantly dry. I also have sensitive skin and a few rashes on my face so I have those to consider as well. I love to wear a face mask when my acne flares up or when I just need a day to myself. I really have 3 favourite face masks that I used throughout the year:

1 – Pores Be Pure

2240374The bottle claims that “this skin-refining mask with berry boosters goes straight to work on clogged pores. Strawberry and Rosemary eliminate impurities while yarrow clarifies skin for instant complexion perfection.” I absolutely love this face mask. It works for me all year round and is relatively cheap. It works very well for those days where my skin is extra oily or my acne flares up quite a bit. I find this face mask is actually great at minimising my massive pores as well; which is always a bonus. There are so many face masks that claim to minimise pores but don’t help one single bit; that is not the case for this. It is cooling, refreshing and drying in a good way. I strongly suggest this face mask for anyone who has lots of acne, big pores and blemishes.

Update: This product stings quite bad for me, so I just reply on Tumeric and Aloe vera combined. I don’t know why but I do think this is a really good face mask. My skin may have simply changed or the face mask may have gotten old.

2- Turmeric

turmeric-root-and-powderI just go to the kitchen and mix some turmeric with water to make a thickish paste. Using this paste, I place it all over my face. This is literal magic. It helps clears blemishes, and hydrates and refreshes my skin. After a turmeric face mask, my skin does get a little yellow. However, with a good face wash that is also a gentle scrub and a toner, I am able to remove the yellow colour. I always do this face mask before a big day. So that the colour comes off completely the next day. The amount of yellow pigment remaining on the skin depends on your skin colour. Therefore, I suggest you do a tester on your hand or somewhere easily hidden before you place it all over your face. As I said before I have minor eczema, so I also place the turmeric paste on my eczema. Ever since I was young I have had minor eczema rashes, turmeric seems to help reduce them. I was never using my medicated creams properly so I resorted to a cheaper option instead of renewing my prescription. I would just like to say that just because my eczema reduced doesn’t mean your eczema will reduce. Everyone’s case is different, you just need to find what works for you. However, I do strongly suggest you follow your treatment plan that your doctor has advised. At the end of the day, it is up to you.

Fun fact: Turmeric paste made with oil is used on Indian brides and grooms before their wedding. This is simply to help purify and serves as a blessing their new chapter in life.  The turmeric oil paste also helps calm down the bride and groom for the big day.

3- Aloe Vera

Aloe-Vera-Juice (1)Aloe vera has multiple benefits for the skin. However, the main benefits include moisturising, minor bleaching properties, and soothing. I always apply a layer or two of this every day. I normally apply it once my toner has been applied and dried just to start the moisturising process, help remove my blemishes and help soothe my facial rashes. At night time, I just apply a thick layer of this. Then depending on how dry my skin by the time I actually go to bed, I will apply a little cream. I live by this product that is available at your local Indian supermarket or chemist.

Fun Fact: Occasionally I use this with turmeric to get a “double’ effect and for the turmeric and water paste not to peel and shred. The water-based paste will peel and shred off your skin when dried. Replacing the water with Aloe vera will reduce this the dried paste to fall off the skin.

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