My Top 5 Dishes from Restaurants

I absolutely love food, you may or may not have noticed with the constant food blog posts recently. Anyways, I often go out with friends for lunch and I notice a common trend. I tend to go only go to these 5 places for these particular foods. Very rarely do I try other food items on the menu of these places. Before you continue reading all these dishes are vegetarian because I am a pescatarian. However, when I go out, I normally just get something vegetarian to save the extra dollars here and there 🙂 .

Pappa Rich – Biryani Rice with Vegetarian Curry Mutton

V011.jpgThis dish is absolutely amazing. I love it so much. The biryani is so light and fluffy. The Vegetarian Curry Mutton is cooked to exactly what vegetarian mutton should be like. Normally if restaurants have vegetarian meat they overcook it and it gets rubbery. However, that is not the case here. There is also this chutney that I absolutely love. It is perfect for me. I love this dish so much but the only negative thing I have about it is the papadum. Straight up, I am not a papadum person. It is just not my thing. However, every time I order this dish I always get a cold, aired but crispy papadum; which is a big no no. 100% big no no. So if you get this dish you can either order the papadum to see if you get a fresh one or just play it safe and ask for no papadum. Just like always, you do you boo.

Tikka Take – Papadi Chaat

43788535_535318763582026_1976417699055534080_n.jpgEven though I am no fan of papadum Tikka Take has made me like papadum chaat. Papadi is basically small papadums.  It is a popular traditional fast and street food; mainly in North India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The papadi chaat has a sweet tone to it which I love. There is pomegranate in the chaat that gives the sweet tone. The level of spice compared to sweet is perfect. The crunchy papadi and the soft potato and tomato based chutney.

Fun Fact: I tried the Pav bhaji from Tikka Take. It is not the best. Let’s just say I make better Pav Bhaji; I wrote a post about my version here 🙂 .

Fun Fact No. 2 : Tikka Take cannot, repeat cannot do Masala Soda. I just saved you $5.90 hun, you’re welcome.

Little Siam –  Thai Fried Rice

I only have this on rare occasions but by god is this one of my favourite cheat meals. It is kind of oily but good oily. It also has the minor undertone of sweet goodness with the perfect tone of chilli. Sometimes I order chilli on the side. Fresh vegetables with the light and fluffy rice made within 10 mins from ordering. I love it.  Unfortunately, I have no photo of this dish 😦 .

Au Lac

Au Lac is a vegan restaurant. They don’t cut out any flavour or texture and just so damn good. If you go to this place, just straight say no to rice and drinks if you don’t want rice and drinks. They will be persistent for rice and drinks, but nothing over the top. Friendly staff and amazing setting at both locations in Canberra.

Honey Soy Crispy Chicken – $17.90


Oh my god, just write the title makes my mouth all watery. Again it is kind of a sweet dish but it is not killing sweet. So the dish is literally Soy Chicken deep-fried then coated in honey.  It also comes with a salad but since the Honey Soy Crispy chicken is placed on top of it. The salad, in my opinion, is too sweet and I never eat it.





Yellow Noodle Soup – $13.90


This is a vegetable stock with yellow vegan noodles, crunchy tofu, vegetables and your choice of soy meat. This is soooooooooooo gooooooddddddd. Honestly. I love this. It is light and so filling. So many noodles and vegetables. The broth is so flavoured that it is impossible to call this dish bland. And as the photo above says, I tried something new that night.  I absolutely don’t regret it at all.

I honestly got this idea from Pinterest and I cannot express my love for these dishes any clearer. Sorry if anything I said doesn’t make sense or was just random. I tried :/ .

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