Getting Fit | A Few Things to Consider

Hello, my lovely readers!!!! How has the new year been treating you so far? Ever since Year 10 I have been off and on with the gym. I have picked up a few tips and tricks that can help everyone who is just starting out or hasn’t had the best run at the gym. Under no circumstances am I a professional so if you do start the gym make sure to consult with a professional before starting.

1 – Posture

No matter what you do, posture is key. Main things about posture are that you keep your back neutrally straight, shoulders down and head in a neutral position. Different moves require different postures but at the end of the day, you just need to stay neutral. Posture is more important than reps because posture falls in with technique which is important for every fitness goal.

2 – Makeup

Ladies and gentlemen, when you work out your pores and sweat glands open up and release sweat in order to cool down your body. However, wearing a full face or any amount of makeup can block your pores and glands. This reduces your skin’s ability to breathe. This, in turn, can lead to breakouts, blackheads and skin irritation. If you must wear makeup, remove it straight after the workout so your skin can breathe.

3 – Outfit

Firstly you don’t need to spend heaps of money to get good gym clothes that last. You can easily find good cheap tights that last. I have a bunch of them still in my wardrobe from Year 10. It all depends on you and your gym regime. I spend 20$ max on tights and my t-shirts are often gifts from mum or clearance.

4 – Food

You do not, repeat, do not have to cut out your favourite foods in order to lose weight. It is about balancing those unhealthy foods with the healthy. Have that salad with your favourite milkshake. I suggest slowly cutting back and then eventually you will just make it an ‘occasional food’. Trust me on this one, I have tried so many diets and they have all failed. Literally, 1 month ago, I slowly cut out the take away, sugar and coffee that I was indulging on every day whilst at university. Now, I nearly never have those foods. I just have the tiniest bit on my cheat days and when I am going insane and that is it.

5 – Cheat Days

Cheat days are not for binge eating your favourite dish or have a takeaway every single meal of that day. I spread my cheat day over two days. Now hear me out. One day is for a lower intensity gym session. I have to go to the gym nearly every day for me to stick with it otherwise I will quit and I am not going to quit this year. So a lower intensity gym session just means that I can explore a little. Try those new moves I found through Google and Pinterest or relax a little with my cardiovascular training instead of having my heart beat out of my chest every time. That way I won’t quit and relapse into the old me of binging on takeaway, sugar and coffee. The second day is for eating one meal or indulging a little on something that I am craving. The last cheat dish I had was cha time and a homemade churro from @sugar__diaries. Just remember balance not cut.

6 – Training

While training you just need to start off slow then build your way up. Everyone has a different journey, different goals and different path. You just need to figure out your goal and your path will become clear. I have never had a personal trainer so with the help of a few teachers from my high school, my sister, my friends from college and google I have figured out what I need to do. Everyone has different views on how to lose weight but it may not work for you. So you will need to explore and experiment a little before you find your path.

These are the six things to consider off the top of my head. I hope this helped you in some way or another 🙂 .

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  1. Happy New Year 🙂

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    1. Happy New Year to you and your family and friends 🎉🎉

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