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Hello, my lovely readers!!!!! I have decided to make a sequel to my first post on this topic: “Getting Fit | A Few Things to Consider“. I came across the quote below and I thought I should write about a few things that motivate me at the gym. For me, discipline comes with motivation because what motivates me also disciplines me.

Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing. – Instagram Advertisement a while ago

WARNING!!! I am about to get real personal right now. So you don’t want the personal stuff then skip this fairly long paragraph and if you do continue reading:

The main reason why I have been trying to lose weight is the fact that ever since I was about 10 years old someone has called me fat or big; whether it was direct or an implication.  I am not going to lie I was overweight and I did eat a lot. However, all this negativity while I was in Year 5 and Year 6 led me to have a really unhealthy relationship with food. During my late high school years, I started working and joined a gym but I did start to eat out a lot and eventually too much again. I was able to level out the food and exercise equation but I was still getting called fat or big. Fast track to now, I have never felt comfortable within my body.  So that is my story. This year, I am losing weight for myself and my health. So without further ado, here are the few things that motivate me for the gym:

1 – Instagram

I follow a lot of fitness bloggers on my Instagram. Some famous ones and some not so famous ones. I follow them to differentiate my workout hence why I mainly focus on their workout videos. Also looking at their physiques has always made me think “how do I get that.” I don’t how to explain this but it works for me so I have them all over my Instagram feed and explore page.

2 – Outfit

Having a gym outfit that you feel cute, will always do wonders for you. When I first started, I used to wear random old t-shirts and pretty ugly gym tights. I felt horrible at the gym. I had near to no motivation. However, I eventually decided to get some nicer tights and tops that were actually made for exercising. Slowly I started to get more motivation.

3 – Progress

All I am going to say here is that: any progress is good progress. As I have said multiple times before that everyone’s journey is different. So if it takes you longer than someone else to achieve something then it is completely ok because you are still progressing. Any progress gets me even more motivated for the storm that is about come 😉 .

4 – Determine your goal

Having a set goal can help motivate you because you can see the finish line. It is a lot closer than you think. Set your goal, a determined goal and you will automatically get the motivation you need to reach the finish line. If you ever lose sight of the finish line then remind your self of your goal. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you find the goal too hard, you can spilt it up into little goals. Achieving these little goals can then get you your motivation needed to cross the finish line.

5 – Don’t give yourself a number

Giving yourself a number can be quite dishearting. A number from clothes, a number from the scale, a number of calories. Just forget about the number. It is about how you feel and how you look. It is about you not the number on your clothes, on the scale, or on your plate. My number changes nearly every day and I am sure yours does too. If in one store your one size and the next store you are 2 sizes up then that fine because each company has different sizing charts. The number on the scale will change depending on how much water you have, how much your organs, bones and all weigh and what time  you weigh yourself. This is not an accurate measurement. There is nothing wrong with calorie counting. You just need to make sure that you don’t restrict yourself too much and you need to make sure that you don’t each too much. The number of calories depends on your fitness goal and more importantly you but you don’t have to calorie count.

These are the five things that motivate and discipline me. I always see fitness bloggers on Instagram that get me going not just for the gym but for the day. Seeing any progress makes me so happy and motivated for the goals that I am determined to reach; regardless of the number. These five things are what I have done and used to get myself to this stage and to start this journey again.

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