The Ultimate Eyebrow Cheat Sheet

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This post is about how I do my eyebrows. From how I clean to how I shape to how I fill in. I am by no means an expert but I have figured out what I like and what I can do.  I personally like round shaped eyebrows. I hope what I do and say helps you in some form or another.

How I Like to Clean My Eyebrows

I clean my eyebrows on a fortnightly basis. I normally only clean because if I clean often enough I can maintain the shape that I have at that particular time. I just hide the strays that I don’t pick up with concealer. I will explain this a little later. In my opinion, cleaning your eyebrows is essentially cleaning up the strays. Doing this constantly is maintaining the shape because the strays are removed. Shaping is where you fix up the shape. Let me explain below.

How to Shape Eyebrows

Shaping is actually very dangerous for eyebrows. It takes a while to figure out your shape and what works for you with your skills. If you don’t find yourself able to shape then go to someone who does; whether that be a friend or someone in the beauty parlour. I have never gone to a beauty parlour. The few times I went to others I didn’t like the result so I tried to figure out what I can do what works with me. I normally use this template below that I found on Pinterest. I literally live by this. My eyebrow shape is not this but you can apply this to any eyebrow shape. It is a universal template that I use all the time. I also get a pair of scissors that come in any nail cutter set and trim the long hairs at the start of my eyebrow. I only do a little bit to make the hairs the same length as the others.


Fun Fact: Just about 1 week ago. I changed the shape of my eyebrow and made them higher arched. I also made my eyebrows considerably thinner. On top of that, I cleaned up my eyebrows quite a lot resulting in a more defined look; which I am loving right now 🙂 .

How to Fill In Eyebrows

If you have read my My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Products post, you would know that I live by Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pencil. So using this pencil I use yet another template from Pinterest but with a few changes. Now I know it by heart, but I originally used this. The changes I have actually made over time with experiences and learning what I like to do.


Let me explain in words, some steps are missing:

  1. Using a spoolie or eyebrow brush comb out your eyebrow hairs. At the start of the eyebrow brush up, at the middle brush diagonally up and at the tail brush diagonally down.
  2. Draw a soft line at the bottom and top of your eyebrow
  3. Using a spoolie or eyebrow brush, blend out the soft lines. Fill in the empty spots and blend out again.
  4. During this step, you decide if you want a bold or natural brow.  If bold then refill your eyebrow and blend out again. If natural then move on step 5
  5. In the photo series above, this is actually step 7: Tweeze any extra stray hairs you find that aren’t coverable by concealer.
  6. In the photo series above, this is actually step 6: Blend out the eyebrow again. If you use a setting gel for your eyebrows this would be the time to use it.
  7. In the photo series above, this is actually step 5: Apply a thin line of concealer above and below your eyebrow to brighten up the area. Blend out with a concealer makeup brush and/or a beauty blender sponge.
  8. After blending out concealer set the concealer with your favourite loose or packed powder and spray from setting spray (if you use setting spray). Tada, you have a filled in eyebrow. Repeat on the other eyebrow :). If you would like to, then you can simply add some highlighter on the brow bone for a finishing touch.

Now I know it seems like a lot of steps but in reality, it is not. I literally do my eyebrow in 1-2 minutes depending on the amount of concealer I use. For the everyday purpose, I do a natural brow with just setting gel (no concealer). For events and parties and for when I am ‘done up’ I line top and bottom with concealer. I normally do dots on the places that I filled in a lot more and spread it out. I find concealer makes it looks like they are my natural eyebrows even though I have filled them in; which I love.

That is it from me. I hope these templates are helpful and I hope what I do is somehow useful for you.

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