5 Makeup Tips that I Swear By

Hello my lovely readers!!! What is new these days? I am sure you have noticed by now that I am extremely fascinated by makeup. So today, I have yet another makeup post. I recently noticed that I take a few extra steps in my makeup that others don’t simply know or have just heard of it. I know that I have heaps of room for improvement and under no circumstances am I a professional but I am proud to say that I have figured out what works for me and what I like. Makeup has no rules, it is about you and what makes you feel even more beautiful then you are. Also under no circumstances does someone have to be wearing makeup to be beautiful or confident. There are multiple ways to be confident and you are already beautiful ❤.

So here are 5 tips that I have learned and swear by throughout my journey in the makeup world. I hope you enjoy the post and find these tips just as useful as I do 🙂 . Much Love ❤ .

1 – Line your Eyebrows with Concealer

In The Ultimate Eyebrow Cheat Sheet post, I said something about lining eyebrows with concealer. So let me explain what it is then I will explain why I do this. This is literally placing a line of concealer above and below your filled-in eyebrows and blending it out. The technique, per se, is useful for making your eyebrows look natural after filing them in. The eyebrow area is quite lighter than other areas of the face. So concealer also has the effect of mimicking this naturally lighter area while you have your base on. This mimicking effect essentially makes filled-in eyebrows natural. Hence why I like to line my eyebrows.

2 – Use a Setting Spray

Setting spray is essentially hairspray for the face. It helps lock in your makeup and also helps makes it last longer. I personally don’t leave the house without setting spray. I notice a big difference between the days that I am in a rush and forget or simply just forget. My makeup doesn’t move at all. I spray setting spray religiously (5-6 times) all over my face.

3 – Finish your Eyebrows with Eyebrow Setting Gel

Similar situation with the setting spray. After filling in your eyebrow, get the setting gel and comb it all over your eyebrow. This will lock in the product and restrain your eyebrow hairs from moving. Also with the added bonus of making the filled in eyebrow last longer. Again, I personally don’t leave the house without eyebrow setting gel and I notice a big difference between the days that I forget. I use a clear from NYX; it is called NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel. I like this product so I am going to stay with this one.

4 – Lock in your Base with Baking

On special occasions, I bake my face and no I don’t bake like a cake or something. I mean getting loose translucent powder and applying a heavy amount on a section of my face. After letting it ‘sink’ in for 2-5 minutes, I brush off the excess. This locks in the makeup as well and makes the makeup last longer. Huda Beauty swears by this and so do I. You should bake your face wherever you notice your makeup ‘falling off’. Then after do setting spray if you like to use a setting spray.

5 – Apply Foundation on Lips Before Lipstick

When you initially apply foundation on, apply some on your lips. Applying a foundation on the lips will help your lip colour stay in place and not smudge easily. You could also use a concealer if you prefer. I also notice more of a matte finish with my traditional stick lipsticks. I only do this for a night out or special occasions. For an everyday purpose, I normally apply lip balm after I have applied my base. Since I do my lips last, my lips have absorbed the lip balm giving me a moisturised lip to work it. So when the time comes for the lipstick, I rub my lips with my finger so that if there is any lip balm remaining it comes off and then apply my lipstick. Not only do I get a smooth application but the finish is matte.

So that is it from me. I hope these tips and techniques are just as useful to you as they are to me 🙂 . Let me know below if you would like more tips and techniques that I use.

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As always, thank you for being the Samosauce to my Garam Samosa!!!

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2 responses to “5 Makeup Tips that I Swear By”

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  2. […] I said in my 5 Makeup Tips that I Swear By, this will lock in the product and restrain your eyebrow hairs from moving. Also, there is an added […]


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