Hello readers!!! I am currently living in an area with that has a constant heat wave and I thought I would do some public service and post 5 ways I beat the heat.

1 – Constantly drink water throughout the day

I am constantly drinking water throughout the day. Whenever I get the chance, I just drink, drink, drink and drink water. I do this because I find drinking water reduces your temperature and helps to keeps your body functioning. Sweat is essentially water leaving the body to cool down your temperature. Drinking water will keep you hydrated as much as possible. If you can’t drink water or struggle drinking water, then eat your water. Eat foods like cucumbers, watermelon, capsicums, celery, and more. Just increase your water intake. For the 5 day prayer that I had for my birthday, I fasted and only had water (it was my choice). The second day was fairly easy as I was constantly drinking water. However, on the third and fourth I was drinking considerably less and I felt weak, tired and hot. Although wearing Indian clothes did have a factor in my temperature, not drinking water constantly did have a major effect.

2 – Stay indoors as much as possible

Keeping indoors will reduce the amount of heat you face dramatically. Staying indoors while also reduce the amount of sweat you produce and the increase the amount of water staying in your body. If you can’t stay indoors, then try to stay in the shade.

3 – Eat cold foods

Eating cold foods can help reduce the temperature of your body too. Anything from ice blocks to ice creams to cold drinks to fruits and vegetables from the refrigerator. If you want you can eat your water intake. I found that this has similar effects as water.

4 – Close all windows, blinds and curtains

Closing windows, blinds and curtains will help keep the heat out and reduce the temperature inside without the use of a fan and/or air conditioning. This won’t only save you some money from your bills but help reduce the temperature you feel as well.

5 – Give all electronics some breaks

My electronics are slowing down, constantly overheating and even freezing a little. This is causing me to turn off electronics when not in use. Also whenever possible I place them on the kitchen benchtop as it is a cool surface.

These are the 5 things that I have down to help me with the heat wave that I am currently facing. If you are facing a heat wave, where ever you live, I hope these 5 things help you just as much it helps me.

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