My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Products | Part 2

Hello, my lovely readers!!! How is everyone going? I have brought you lovely people yet another post which is a sequel from the first one. Here are another 5 makeup products that I love from the drugstore. Just like before, I am not saying that one must be wearing makeup to be beautiful or confident. There are multiple ways to be confident. You are already beautiful.

1 – Sportsgirls Lip Velvet and Lip Chalk

So I have a major obsession over lipsticks. From cream lipsticks to standard to matte to liquid to velvet. I literally have a whole drawer full of lipsticks that are all new. I prefer liquid lipsticks that dry to a matte finish.  I have found a new love for Sportsgirl’s Lip Velvet and Lip Chalk. They both dry but I definitely feel like it is still damp. I absolutely love it. I wear these nearly all the time. Every time I get some, I always get 2 bottles. This is due to the fact that the formula is quite thin and otherwise called ‘streaky’. I honestly don’t mind this, I like a thick layer of lipstick anyway. This just reduces the number of top-ups I have to do throughout the night.


2 – Maybelline Super Matte STAY

Yet another lipstick 🙂 . Can you tell I lke lipstick? This is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. I have only recently come across this range of lipsticks but by god is it good. I hardly ever have to do a top-up and it is super quick to dry. The only times I top-up is when I am having soup or a heavily dressed salad. The only downside to this is that the range of colours isn’t that big and the colours that they do have are colours for the lighter-skinned people. I don’t have the courage to rock really light colour lipsticks but I can go all out black if needed 🙂 . Anyways, back to the lipstick. I love this formula so much. It is really easy to apply and the wand has a flexible teardrop end. This helps to get into the corners of your mouth and to literally get your whole lip in one swipe.


3 – Models Prefer Pencil Eyeliner

So I have these pencil eyeliners that I actually use at eyeshadow. They are highly pigmented and textured. I use this to change up my looks. They are easy to apply and hella cheap. I love these and I am glad I stumbled across these. I use these for a subtle cut crease or all over the eyelid for those days that I am extra.

4 – BYS Eyeshadow Kits

Ok so if you know me personally I am a Kmart junky. I absolutely love Kmart. 90% of my stuff is from Kmart. But this post is about makeup. So I buy BYS Eyeshadow Kits form Kmart. I currently have maybe 3 kits from this brand and I absolutely love it. You can easily build it up. If you want to exaggerate the colour you can rub it with your finger (something to do with the heat of your hand). They are cheap and affordable while amazing. I normally use concealer as an eyeshadow primer and I don’t have to top up at all. I absolutely love their palettes. I am slowly buying them all. I heard that they are makeup dupes for higher-end makeup brands; which is a massive bonus in my books 🙂 . Below are photos of the palettes I currently have 🙂



5 – Sportsgirl Highlighter

Oh, my lawd do I love a highlighter. It literally highlights my mood for the day. Using a highlighter is extra and as I am literally so extra having highlighters are just a must for me. However, even though I am hella extra, I personally prefer warmly toned highlighters that blend well with my skin. So we talking about the golds and browns. One day I walked into Sportsgirl and decided to buy a pink highlighter. Hesitant but I bought it and the next time I went out I used it. I fell in love and now have a thing for pink highlighters. I may or may not go overboard with highlighter but whatever. This is a really highly pigmented highlighter that is easily applicable. It is a powder highlighter.


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