Gelato Messina

Hello readers!!! A while ago, my family and I visited the new gelato place in town called Gelato Messina. This place is quite amazing and it made me fall in love in gelato. So today I have a quick review of the place and the gelato itself. I hope you enjoy, much love ❤


The setting was really nice. Wooden finishes and lighting around the gelato giving the room light while still being quite dark.


With outdoor seating and an indoor sofa for seating, this place has heaps of floor space.

Customer Service

The staff members were so friendly and kind. They are quick and understand your dietary requirements. My Mum doesn’t eat egg so they easily and happily gave us the required information for Mum’s order. They also have sorbet and I think they are vegan; just double-check with them if you go in 🙂 .



Gelato Messina has gelato and sorbet for different dietary requirements. If you don’t eat nuts then there is something for you. If you don’t eat egg then there is something for you. I am pretty sure there is vegan options: sorbet.


The price of the scoops is pretty standard. 1 scoop is $5.30, 2 for $6.80 and 3 for $8.80. There is even an option called tiny for kids or for those who want a little less than 1 scoop; this costs $4.50.



This place is really good. I am not a big fan of gelato and this place has made me fall in love it gelato now. This place is amazing!!!!!!!!! I got 2 massive pimples the day after and I can say it was definitely worth it.

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