Life of Garam Samosa | Being an Introvert: The Transition and Tips for Being an Introvert at University

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As per your request on the poll that I started on my Instagram story, I have a personal story for you today. I noticed that during my summer holidays that I have become an introvert. In my opinion, this is a good and a bad thing. The main good thing about it is that I am finally accepting myself to be who I am and I guess that the main ‘bad’ thing is that I have unintentionally distanced myself from a bunch of people. I don’t know how I feel about it exactly yet but all I know is that I just am over it. I am over it all. I am over messaging first. I am over going out on a limb to spend time with others. I am over trying to be the ideal person others want. I just am over it all. It is quite tiring being someone who you are not. I mean there is being kind, sensible and adjusting your behaviour to the situation all but then there is being someone completely different. I have rewritten this for about 2 months now and I am glad to say that I have finally accepted the new and updated me; I am still learning a few things but I have made major progress and I am so happy with that. I have also found out what I love about me and I am taking steps to love the unloved bits of me. Here are a few self-love quotes that got me by through the transition from extrovert to introvert:

I will celebrate this life of mine, with or without you. The moon does not need the sun to tell her she is already whole.

– Lang Leav

This is How You Love Yourself

Instead of begging the pain to go away, you choose hear what your pain is beggging of you.


you carry so much love in your heart. give Some. to yourself


This one really got me:

Dear Me

I am sorry.

I am sorry you tried to desperately to fix others when your own hand were shaking. I am sorry that I didn’t give you enough time to heal, that I let you seal the wound for everyone else while you were still bleeding. I’m sorry that there were days when smiling hurt you forced yourself to laugh so that no one had to worry about you.  I’m sorry that you gave all of you time and effort to people that didn’t give the same amount back. I’m sorry that there were nights you cried yourself to sleep and no one bothered to ask why. And I am sorry that I did not love you, like you deserved to be loved.

Letter to myself


Okay, grab some tissues and drink some water.

I definitely cried after finding that one.

Tips for Being an Introvert at University

With university started for me, I thought it would be fitting to write about it. As I hinted in my Life of Garama Samosa | 5 Day Prayer, Dinner with Friends and Some Birthday Blues post, I am have turned into an introvert. Every day I am noticing myself being content with life and so forth. Now since that, I have opened this door, I can talk about aspects of my life in regards to elephant in the room.

University itself can be a very confusing and terrifying time with so much going on. Being an introvert at university definitely makes the whole experience a lot harder. From being forced into new situations to having to make a whole new set of friends, it all can be very hard.

Last week Thursday was the first I went to university this year. I was kind of scared because I would have to do the small-talk-catch-up conversation then the ‘these are my units what are your units?’ and well I would feel in the public eye again. However, keeping in mind about the post that I wrote at 2am that morning, 7 Reasons Why We Should Not Care About What Others Think About Us, I went to university with an open mind.

With this open mind, I literally ran into an acquaintance from ages ago who I have lost contact and realised how much we change over the years. I definitely changed a lot over the summer holidays. Not just in terms of a university student but in terms of me as a person. I actually noticed these changes at the start of 2018. Now ‘at the start’ of 2019, I have finally accepted the change and now experimenting with this year. Accepting my new way to live and most importantly the new me, today I have a few tips and tricks that I plan on using for tackling my second year at university. 

1 – Don’t force yourself to be social

During my first year at university student, I felt pressured to join all the clubs, go to all the parties and constantly hang out with friends. I thought this was the social norm however it is just not for everyone. I was looking at all the clubs and there wasn’t one that spoke to me. I just kept walking and walking by all of them and they didn’t spark a light for me. I find it definitely draining to catch up with friends and to make new friends and to be social as a whole. Like sometimes you just need time to yourself.  So all I have to say is that you don’t have to join a club and you don’t have to constantly hang out with friends. A simple phone call or video call can do wonders. And as for making new friends, if you do what you love you will find the right friends for you. 

2 – Find your spot

Find your places at university. For instance: your coffee fix, your study spot, your de-stress spots, your snack fix and anything else that comes to mind. More importantly, find a place where you can come to your sense, to cool off, to relieve your stress. Oh, an don’t forget a place to study and ‘study’. I sure have noticed the places that I like to hang out and I don’t really tell my friends about them.

3 – Be open to new experiences, regardless of the situation

As I said before, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert but once in a while, you need to spread your wings and fly out of your comfort zone. Whether you take a semester abroad or have a class in a different time slot to your previous friends. Just try to do something new. Something you wouldn’t normally do. You need to take advantage of all the benefits of your university. Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to spread your wings.

Fun Fact: Last Thursday, I introduced myself to someone first. I think that is a big step and I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I literally saw my life flash in front of my eyes. 🙂

4 – Be prepared

Be prepared for stressful times, enjoyable times and all of the above. Expect a rollercoaster. Be prepared for deadline after deadline, for weird sleeping and eating habits. Just. Be. Prepared.

I hope these tips help you out and make your time at university a lot easier and much more enjoyable! At the end of the day, you just need to focus on you and what you are doing. You need to make sure you take care of yourself and that you are having time to breathe. University is quite tough and at times you will feel like giving up however if there is a will then there is a way. Always remember why you choose this path and that is your will. With this will, you will easily find your way through university.

Just in case you have missed the other post in this sequel, I have attached the link below 🙂

Life of Garama Samosa | 5 Day Prayer, Dinner with Friends and Some Birthday Blues

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