My Top 5 Essentials for my Makeup Bag

Hello Readers!!! I have rewritten this post so many times you don’t even want to know. But today I have decided to share my top 5 essential items that I always pack in my makeup bag. If I don’t have these or if I misplace them, my day is automatically ruined. How good my makeup looks is directionally proportionate to my mood. I am sure by now, you may have realised that I am a makeup addict. You will always find me in the makeup section of every store. I am often having 2 makeup bags whenever I am travelling and my cosmetics bags easily take up at least half the bag or suitcase. Here are my top 5 products and a small explanation of why so. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about a certain product 🙂 .

1 – NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Control Freak Clear Eyebrow Setting Gel

As I said in my 5 Makeup Tips that I Swear By, this will lock in the product and restrain your eyebrow hairs from moving. Also, there is an added bonus of making the filled in eyebrow last longer. controlfreakeyebrowgel_main.jpg

2 – Natio Dramatic Lashes Mascara

A few coats of Natio mascara and my eyelashes are pigmented, thick, long and actually visibly present. For more info check out My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Products post 🙂 . 35636-im_1

3 – RIMMEL Natural Bronzer

I am still in denial that my bronzer broke so I am not even going to talk about it 😦 bon I absolutely love this bronzer, it was a natural glow that had shimmery particles in it. This meant I didn’t need any highlighter. I am still recovering from this heartbreak.

4 – Highlighter Sportsgirl

This is a really highly pigmented highlighter that is easily applicable. It is a powder highlighter so it is easier to put it exactly where you want it. sportsgirl_highlight_powder_1535121761_916cdeeb

5 – Maybelline Super Matte STAY

I hardly ever have to do a top-up and it is super quick to dry. Highly pigmented as well. maybelline-superstay-matte-ink-review-un-nudes-review-swatches-canada-1100x1650 Really short post today, but I feel like I blabber on too much and I am sorry for that.

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