Getting Fit | How to Fight Cravings

One of the first things I did was think about the amount of weight that I wanted to lose. Secondly, I would ask myself if I really want the said craving or if I am plain bored. Then I would think about the craving. Resulting in me drinking heaps of water. Well, that is 90% of the time, but the other 10% of the time I would just cave and eat the craving. Shortly after I would feel like throwing up and feel very guilty.

So here is a more detailed walk-through on how I fight cravings:

1  – Think about the goal

I have a wedding to attend very soon and I have bought a new outfit for that wedding. It is a silhouette that I don’t usually wear and it required me to lose a bunch of weight for me to wear it ‘nicely’ and be comfortable. I actually needed to lose more weight but I was being realistic about my goal and decided to work with what I have when the wedding day comes. So keeping that in mind that I have decided to ‘work with what I have’, I didn’t cave to a lot of my cravings. I deemed myself I was bored, the second point. I thought about what it actually was, the third point. I drank heaps of water, the final point.

2 – Are you hungry or just bored?

I am continuously asking myself this question. One of the many bad habits I made was to eat out of pure boredom. This was one of the main causes of my weight gain. So I now eat when I am hungry like actually hungry not peckish or bored. This has helped me lose weight because my intake has reduced quite a lot. So much so that my parents think that I am starving myself. Which I am not, I can’t live without food.

3 – What are you craving exactly

I think about what I am craving. This is so that I know if it is withdrawal from my old lifestyle or if I am straight up a weirdo or hungry. If I am craving chocolate, hot chips, pizza or ice cream then I know that I am in withdrawal however if I am craving something in particular then I know that I am a weirdo. For example, mum’s pancake or my sister’s okara curry then I know I am being a weirdo.

4 – Constantly drinking water

I constantly drink water and that normally stops the cravings from happening in the first place. However, on the days that I am either too lazy or forget I notice that I am craving something more often. If I am already craving something, I normally decide while I am drinking water because if the water fills me up that I was either peckish or bored and if it doesn’t then there is a high chance that it is lunch or dinner time.

In the end, it is all comes down to discipline. You need to stick to the meal plan you are on or the changes you have made. If you can’t stick to it then why start in the first place. If you wish to make changes don’t make them all of a sudden. Slowly change it up. For instance, I bought a lot of food from cafes and fast food places. We are talking about every single day. I slowly cut down and now I only buy food if I am catching up with someone or on other social occasions.

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