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Last month was terrible in the makeup department for me and by makeup department I mean my makeup trolley that has my all my makeup. I dropped my favourite Bronzer of all time on the floor from about hip height and it shattered. And soon after my heart shattered just like the bronzer. I had actually started to hit the pan and I made it my mission to finish that bronzer by the end of the year. In reality, I don’t actually wear that much makeup, I am always rushing from one thing to another so I don’t have the time to do my makeup properly.

Ok before I continue anymore, let me explain what ‘hit the pan’ means in the makeup world. It is essentially using up a makeup product to see the base or see through the bottle (for a foundation, concealer or setting spray and so forth). Well, that is what I would define it as. Normally this only refers to powdered products like eyeshadow, powdered foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and more.

Today’s post is about just that. It is kind of an announcement that I am challenging myself to finish my current products before I buy new ones. I also challenge you to this. I will post updates every 6 months-ish to show you where I have gotten up to. I have already started this and it has been about 2 weeks.

These are the products that I am trying to finish:

  • Compact Foundation Powder

I plan on finishing this compact powder as I have had it for a while now. I generally use this during winter when my face becomes paler due to the lack of sun. However, lately, I have been using this lightly. If I use too much then I become an orange colour like an Oompa Loompa or something. I wear a darker liquid foundation so I having this compact foundation powder is not to bad however I like my powder a shade lighter. I am weird with my shades and all so yeah…


Fun fact: When I dropped my favourite bronzer of all time, I also dropped my foundation powder. Hence the line through the compact foundation powder. It is in 2 pieces but that won’t stop me from using it 🙂

  • Colour Correct Pallete

I bought this product around the time that colour correct became a ‘thing’. I still love it. It works for me however, I feel this palette was too light for when I bought it. And therefore, I packed it away in one of my dresser drawers and completely forgot about it. It actually wasn’t until around the end of last year that I refound this product. I tried t use this product and I noticed that I actually used a lot less concealer which is great. Also since my foundation colour now is so dark, the light of this colour corrector palette is masked. All these bonuses.


  • Concealers

I cannot live without concealer. I am constantly using concealer but I have noticed that I haven’t been using up my concealer. I mean that is good since it means that I don’t have to keep buying product very often. However, I have lately decided that I don’t like the product anymore. I need a concealer that is better at blending out and has better coverage. Or I could just eat less sugar, oil, curry, coffee, dairy and basically stop eating everything I am currently eating as a whole which will reduce my acne and in turn my acne scars. But let’s be realistic here as if I am going to change my entire diet just so that my concealer can ‘work’.

Moving on: I just want to finish them. I use the left one (a lighter shade) for my eyebrows (which is all explained in my The Ultimate Eyebrow Cheat Sheet post) and I use the right one (the darker one) for my blemishes and panda eyes. I love this concealer for my eyebrow, not my face. So the main aim is to finish the one on the right but if I finish the one on the left then that would be great because I have an extra one in my dresser drawer full of wonderful and lowkey forgotten makeup. I will just line my eyebrows every day which would make the filled-in eyebrow more natural (which is all explained in my The Ultimate Eyebrow Cheat Sheet post) and cover all my blemishes.


Trying to hit the pan of your makeup products is a great way to reach for the products which are sitting on your dresser drawer full of wonderful and lowkey forgotten makeup. I personally just use drugstore makeup but if you use higher-end makeup then having makeup just sitting there is even more waste of money. So it is time to bring those products out and starting putting your money to work. I will see you eventually with updates on these products. Hopefully, I can add new products to this mini-challenge by then.

If you would like to join me on this challenge and/or need some help feel free to contact me or comment. I would love to talk makeup with you all 🙂

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