3 Places I Want to Travel to ASAP

I am in the middle of my mid-terms and I feel like a 6 month holiday…2 times a year for sure. I am literally broken to bits but that is not going to stop me from doing what I love to do so much: blogging. I am ready for a holiday and since I can’t go on a holiday anytime soon, I thought I would share 3 Places I want to visit again. My parents have taken me to these places and these are the 3 places that I would happily visit again.

1 – Montreal, Canada

I put this first because ever since I visited Canada I have wanted to go back. Also having a major of my followers on my Instagram living in Canada, makes me want to go to Canada even more. I honestly just want to go to Canada in general but I loved Montreal because of the French touch to everything. I love the architecture, the food, the people, the vibe and most importantly the shopping. Mind you everything in Canada is so much cheaper than it is in Australia so having that comparison may have influenced my decision. After all, I am a shopaholic.

2 – Fiji

I am a Fiji Indian so obviously this will be on my list. I would love to visit Fiji more often however life happens so that clearly doesn’t happen for me. If you know me personally then you would know that I love to eat 2 minutes noodles. More specifically Maggi and even more specifically Fiji Maggi noodles and even more specifically Fiji Masala Maggi noodles. I can literally eat this day in and day out. Since I don’t have access to Fiji Masala Maggi noodles anymore (my local Indian supermarkets don’t sell them anymore), I have found a decent replacement but nothing will ever replace my one true love. Another thing that I miss from Fiji is these cream buns. Even though it is hot, sticky and humid, I would eat million of these cream buns that are freshly baked. I also just the vibe and the environment is amazing.

3 – India

Lately, I have a major interest in Indian culture. Even more than I usually so. I am constantly trying to learn more Hindi, trying to learn Punjabi and so much more. I now think in Hindi. I am starting to have Indian mannerisms. Also, I have a best friend from Delhi and have a few conversions with some people from my Instagram makes me want to go to India and visit every corner. Last time I went to India I was 3 and I literally remember 4 things: Taj Mahal, the roads, a tuk-tuk and passing out on a train station (because someone ran into me with their trailer). I also follow a bunch of Indian youtube channels on facebook and youtube. All of that and the fact that I am Indian (just from Fiji) make me want to India again. Take photos and actually remember more than 4 things that do not some up India at all.

In reality, I would like to visit every country and make memories within every country. I would also like to learn about each country, their culture, and their ways. I would like to be a tourist and I would also like to experience each country like a local.

I can’t find any of my photos from Montreal or Fiji and I was too small to take photos in India. So I have added shots I found on Instagram 🙂

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