5 Tips For Managing Work and Studies At The Same Time

No matter what stage of your education you are at, you most likely know someone who works. Said person may be working 1-3 days are a week or just one day, or just weekends. Some may even work full time while studying full time. You may be thinking ‘I don’t know how they manage, work and studying? I could never do it”. Maybe not exactly that but something along those lines.

Ever since year 10, I have somehow managed to work 2 shifts a week with constant promotional work. Working and sudying at the same time is quite challenging. I am constantly told by my parents to stop working and that I don’t need to work. This is the back of my mind, I have always taken off the required time when my studies get a bit serious (exam period, for instance). This was literally the one condition, as long as it didn’t affect my studies. Anyways, enough about me.

Today, I am posting a post to help manage your time that can be useful to both work and study at th same time.

1 – Morning or at Night

Trying to figure out whether you work better in the morning or night can help you decide if you should pick up morning or night shifts. Maybe you can only work from 6-11:00pm, and that’s okay. If n early bird, consider taking the morning shift at work so that you have the rest of the day to study or vice versa.

2 – Go to Class and Actually Pay Attention

I notice that the classes that I actually attend and actually pay attention I do better. In turn, this means that I need less effort and time for the topics covered when it comes to assessments and exams. Another advantage would be that you could possibly save a few hours or so that can be contributed to a shift or a few extra hours at work.

3 – Do Tasks ASAP

As soon as you get you the outline for your subject or unit, do as much of the assessment you should do. Speaking from experience, if you attempt as much as possible as soon as possible then not only will it mean that later on there is less work to do but later on you will know more and there a significant. This will also mean that there is less to revise toward due dates and more time for those extra shifts at work.

4 – Call Quits When Needed

Juggling work and studies can get very overwhelming and it is completely normal for it to be. What I do in these situations is the minimize my shifts as much as possible. I am fortunate enough to have a manager and boss who understand that I can’t always be available. I am also fortunate to have a cover majority of the time. However, if you know that you won’t be able to have such luxuries and have a manager and boss that are are strict and have a minimum hours requirement that you are struggling with then maybe it is time to quit. If you absolutely need money then you should consider finding a workplace that can easily fit around your study schedule.

5 – Take Time Off for Exams

Under no circumstances should you be working around your exams. I always take the 2 weeks before and the week of my finals exams and the week before and the week of my mid-term exams. No matter what. I managed and that is ample time for me if I need more time that is purely because I procrastinate so much. Taking time off can give you more time to focus on your studies and in turn, give you those results that you want.

I still have a lot of space for improvement and I acknowledge that but these are the 5 things that I am doing or constantly keeping in mind.

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