Travelling Tips | How to Pack a Makeup Bag

I have recently just unpacked my luggage bag from a wedding in March and I thought why not make a Travelling Tips series. So today I have the first post in this series containing tips and tricks that I follow or either have figured out over the years of travelling. These can be used whether you are going overseas, within the country you live in or just down the road to your best friend.

As a makeup addict, I thought that I should start with your makeup bag. In reality, I pack this bag last but I purely because I spent the most time packing it. So here is what I do to make my makeup bag packing go faster; well it is fast in my opinion 😉

1 – Plan my looks

Coming up with the looks that I want to do for the trip allows me to think about what I actually need. So do I need 3 black eyeliners or do I really need that one universal one?

2 – Make a List of Products and Applicators

Make a list can make you see how much you actually need to pack. It makes you think about your regime and how you can recreate looks that you would normally do in the comfort of your home in a hotel room or someone else house.

3 –  Packing Light

I always try to pack my makeup bag as light as possible so that my cosmetics or clothes don’t have to cope with the cut. This is especially important when I am travelling with a weight limit. I try to use a product that can be used for more than one thing when travelling. For instance, my setting spray can be a primer, my baking powder can be a setting powder, and my foundation can be used as a concealer as well. Another way to pack light is to pack utensils that again can be used for more than one thing: my beauty blender is my applicator and blender for my foundation and a lot of powders. I take one maybe 2 eyeshadow brushes and clean and dry my brushes in between each colour. Now that we are on the topic of eyeshadow, I try to pack one palette that has multiple shades and types of eyeshadow. This not only reduces space but the saves you time when you go to do your makeup because there are fewer things to find your utensil or product from.

This would be a good time to have a look at that list you made before, take out anything you do your looks without.

4 – Choose a Good Makeup Bag

Now with your finalised list, you can start to actually pack your makeup bag. Choosing your makeup bag can either make or break the whole process. You need a back that can hold the utensils in place while having all the products. If you can’t find one bag for both then you can easily have one bag or utensils and another for products. I did this for years until I found the perfect bag.

5 – Use your Clothes at Padding

With all the money I spend on my millions of bottles, compacts and whatnot, it absolutely breaks my heart when my makeup breaks, shatters or anything else like that. So one way to reduce the chance of this happening when you are travelling is to place your makeup bag within your folded or rolled clothes. As a precaution, you can put your makeup bag in a plastic bag so that if your foundation bottle does break and leak through it will leak through to the plastic bag, not your clothes.

I use these 5 tips every single time I travel. Whether I going overseas, to my cousins’ house or simply pack for an overnight stay. I hope these tips help you out just as much as they help me out.

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