Product Review |Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Today’s post is dedicated to my best friend as it is her birthday today. She strongly suggested this product to me and to be honest I absolutely love it and it is forever going to be apart of my skincare routine. Neutrogena is a well known cosmetic brand that has amazing products for skincare. One of my best friends, 8 or 9 months ago, suggested to buy and try this product out. Fast forward to today, I literally swear of this water gel.


Neutrogena claims:

Neutrogena® HYDRO BOOST® Water gel has a refreshing, light-weight gel formula with Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Extract that doubles your skin’s moisture in just 1 hour. With innovative Progressive Release System, this intense moisturiser continuously releases moisture for a full 24 hours, for soft and supple skin with a healthy-looking, radiant glow.

Overall Thought

I personally have dry skin with a minor case of eczema. In my attempts to settle my acne without any harsh treatments, I decided to change my face cream. This face cream has helped settled down my acne so much. I have noticed the size of the current ones reduce so much so I know once I fix up my diet again my acne will be basically gone. I know that hyaluronic acid is one product that helps dry skin and therefore rashes and in my case acne and bumps.

Neutrogena claims that “this intense moisturizer continuously releases moisture for a full 24 hours, for soft and supple skin with healthy-looking, radiant glow.” I do get that “soft and supple skin with healthy-looking, radiant glow” however I don’t get that full 24 hours moisture. I notice after a while moisturizer is soaked into to skin, my skin feel fairly dry and asking for more. Therefore, I actually have a second moisturizer that helps lock in the moister I want. The drier my skin is the more my facial eczema worsens and acne breaks out even more.

Update: I no longer use a second moisturizer. I actually use a sunscreen facial moisturizer after this one. Without this double moisturizing, my skin feels extremely dry and I notice I get more rashes and acne.

Nevertheless, this product is amazing and I love it so much. This product is definitely staying a part of my skincare routine and I will never go anywhere without. I strongly suggest this product if you are looking for a new face cream. Just keep in mind that you need to experiment on the quantity until you find the right amount of moisture. There is no suggestion or rule of thumb on the packet. Or you could use a second moisturizer, like me.

If you react to this product badly (rashes, itchiness and so forth) please discontinue use and consult with your medical professional as soon as possible. It is strongly suggested to test this product on a small portion of your skin (try place some on your hand) and wait a few days to see how you react to it.

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