5 Tips and Tricks on Dealing with Negative Thoughts

I personally have dealt with negativity badly. Ever since I can remember, someone has had something negative to say about me: whether it be my colour, my weight, my ability to do something, my background and basically my everything.

If you are currently dealing with or have dealt with negativity, I strongly suggest you talk to someone or simply write out what you are feeling. I know that if I had talked to someone or simply wrote down my feelings, I know I would be a lot more positive person. So today I have 5 Tips and Tricks on Dealing with Negative Thought that has helped a lot this year:

1 – Recognise the Negative Thoughts

I have noticed 3 ways that I negatively think:

  1. Personalising a situation to blame yourself
  2. Pay attention to the negative side of any situation and
  3. Assume the worst is going to happen.

If you think about the ways that you negatively think you can also think of ways to beat them. I find myself personalising the situation when something goes wrong so I could think about what actually went wrong and if it was in my control or not. When something does go wrong I also just focus on the negative side of things and that makes my mood and emotionally stability worse. The saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ would apply here. Focus on the positive.

2 – Challenge the Thoughts

When you have negative thoughts, before going down into a negative thought spiral. Stop. Evaluate. Reassess. Go.

  • Stop for a minute
  • Evaluate why you are having such thoughts
  • Reassess if it something that you can easily fix or if it something you can not stress over that.
  • Go and not act on it. However, once you reassess and you release that you need to take action upon the situation then go and take the action.

Essentially, what you are trying to do is trying to find a simple solution that would lead you to say ” that was easy” or “something not to worry about.”

Another way to challenge your thoughts is to say “yes this bad thing happened and this is is my/this person’s fault and yes it could have been avoided however I know for future to things differently and I am grateful for the improvement I have made. I am ok and this situation is ok.” I have started doing this myself and I can say that this is really helping me the most. It is positive and showing gratitude towards my situation. The positivity and the gratitude are one of the many things that help you to stay positive as well as dealing with negative thoughts so it is a win-win solution.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t get too focused on a solution. The aim is to steer away from negative thoughts not to cover it with finding a solution.

3 – Judgement and Comparing

These are 2 of the main words that start and worsen my negative thoughts. Ever since I can remember I have always compared myself to others and therefore judged myself. I have never felt comfortable and therefore I have never really been a positive person. I have always looked at the negative side of things and have always compared myself to someone else. This comparison had judgement is one of the underlying problems that I have and I will never be able to overcome it however it is possible to avoid it as much as possible to start to break the habit; if that makes sense. It is also easy for someone to judge you and it easy to take it all personal. This can then lead to a spiral and you feeling all negative.

I personally have started to “positive judge/compare.” So if someone says my hair is dry or something. The positive thing would be that I have hair still and that I am able to put my hair in certain ways. This works for me so maybe try it out and comment down below if it worked for you.

4 – Show Gratitude

This is continuing with the last point. Just thank someone or simply be thankful that a situation turned out the way it did for a positive reason. Showing some form of gratitude helps to change the focus to positive thoughts.

 5 – Focus on Positive Thoughts

Focusing on positive thoughts simple analogy of “grass is greener on the other side.” Believe it or not, the grass is truly greener where you water it. Why would you water a dead plant or a dry patch of grass when you could keep the ones that are already alive? Just think about. I do not think there is anything else to say here.

I don’t know if you noticed or not but the aim of dealing with negative thoughts, in my opinion, is to distract yourself with positive thoughts till it comes the day that you don’t focus on negative thoughts and possibly don’t have any negative thoughts. These 5 small tips and tricks are what has helped me reduce my negative thoughts dramatically. Mind you I still am working progress and there is always room for improvement. I hope this helps you just as much as it helps me.

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