4 Things That I Do To Save Money at Cafes

Do you like to grab that morning coffee? Afternoon coffee? Hot chocolate? Chai Latte? Regardless of your order, these drinks from cafes can be quite expensive. 5 dollars or so here and another 5 or so there. They all add up. This year I have really tried to focus on my expenditures and one of the main culprits was coffee. I have mine with soy milk so there is a surcharge for that and on top of that, I have a caffeine addiction so the total was quite high and easily avoidable.  Here are 4 Things That I Do To Save Money at Cafes; more particular with coffee.

1 – Bring my own coffee cup to coffee stores

A lot of coffee shops over 50 cents off or 10% off the final coffee price. Something along those lines. I always carry a keep up with me when I leave for university or work. Normally this small discount covers my extra costly order of coffee with soy milk. I have a minimal dairy and although very helpful it is quite costly.

2 – Make your Own

As a university student, I have fallen in love with instant coffee and I am not mad. I personally drink coffee out of habit or for a caffeine fix. Therefore, I find the cheapest brand and buy sachets and make my coffees from boiling water from the provided student kitchens or simply warm up water in the microwaves. During my last exam period, I saved so much money by simply using these sachets, but then I used it up for snacks so technically I didn’t but let’s focus on the positives as per my post 5 Tips and Tricks on Dealing with Negative Thoughts: I saved money from my coffees.

3 – Use Cash

This applies to everything, if you are trying to save money then sometimes seeing the money ‘physically’ leave your hand can make you think about where you are spending money. Also, this requires maths because you need to be able to quickly calculate the change and the amount you are giving and receiving. Therefore you can’t tap your money away here and there. I don’t know how to explain it but it makes sense and I can honestly say that it works.

4 – Options

Look at the whole menu of your favorite coffee hit spot and consider ways to make your order cheaper. For instance, if I want a hot chocolate and a coffee (I have weird ways and cravings), I opt for a mocha. However, if I need a fix then I opt for a latte and not sugar so I can really taste the coffee. Think about what you want and think about ways to make it cheaper. Do you need a fix or do you need to enjoy your coffee? If you need a fix then order a black coffee and save on the price of milk or brink your own coffee cup to ‘cover’ cost of milk. Sometimes I simply want a hot drink and a bit of sugar so I would either get a chai latte or a hot chocolate.

These 4 things have helped me save quite a bit and I have put that money to good use; mostly. I hope these 4 tricks work for you as much as they work for me. Now I need to save money from eating out…

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