How I Cope with Blaaaahhhhh Days

Hellooooooooooooooo, how is your Sunday going? Mine is hella stressful. I have an exam in about 3 weeks and I am dreading it. I also feel so like blaaaahhhhh, but I know it is because I have a lot going on at the moment and it will pass. Also to procrastinate a little, I thought to write a blog post because technically writing posts count as study; it is extending my vocabulary and working on my writing skills. Right?

Whether you are having a blaaaahhhhh day due to stress, mental health, mood swings or just because you are human, we all need a break. That is where these blaaaahhhhh days come in. These days are where nothing is happening the right way and results in you in your bed staring at the wall things where it all went wrong.

Well, fear no more. I have some tips on coping with these blaaaahhhhh days.

Recognize the feeling

Moods go up and down. So recognizing that this is just a bad moment that will turn into a bad day will help with coping. In that you can easily, figure out what is the reason for feeling this way, why you’re feeling like this and possible ways to feel better.

Don’t beat yourself up

One of the worst things you can do to beat yourself up on feeling a little off. You need a little rain to get a rainbow. You can’t expect to have good days every single day, you need a balance and how you managed this balance is going to determine if you have more bad days or more good days.

Find Something Productive To Do

Doing something productive can get the day going and pick up your mood. It is distracting you from the issue that made your day into a bad one. Also, you can celebrate the fact that you managed to finish those task and that mini celebration (or big one) will help to pick up your mood.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself to that coffee or bubble bath or dance it out to your favourite music or buy yourself lunch or wear that special lipstick. This is yet another way to pick up your mood and hopefully help you with cope with your bad day

I honestly just do these 4 things. This personally helps me quite a lot. I also try to stay with my friends as they generally make me laugh for no apparent reason. My aim on these days is to simply take care of myself, take baby steps towards my study, my work, my blog page and on the rare occasion in cleaning up my room, and I always always try to hang out with a friend. I recognize the slightest change in my mood and feeling and then I have a minor anxiety attack and then freak out because I had an anxiety attack.

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