I have cut out dairy products. I only really eat cheese and that is rarely too. I have a minor intolerance to dairy products. One of the main reasons why I have reduced my dairy products is to reduce my acne. Before I did so, I, in fact, use to always drink chocolate milk. After switching from full cream milk to skim milk to taking the jump to soy milk, I have missed chocolate milk dearly. It was not until 2 month or so ago that I found this product.


Vitasoy is an Australian brand that claims to locally produce the almonds or soybeans and “blend with other delicious ingredients to create a smooth and irresistible range. They are also vegetarian and vegan-friendly.”

I honestly don’t really like this product:

  • It doesn’t taste overly sweet and at the same time, I think it can be quite bland at times.
  • Different brands have soy milk that tastes different. This soy milk tastes like water.
  • It is a reasonable price for a soy milk product so that is ‘love’ moment.

I kind of suggest this product because it is good enough to cover this bland-ish, watery taste and expensive-ish price but I am sure there are better options out there. However, they would most likely be more expensive than this product.


Sorry for a short blog post today but there isn’t much to say. This product is good in that it is an option for soy milk drinkers to have some chocolate milk. I have noticed other types of flavored soy milk and some almond milk. They are more expensive but it would be worth it if doesn’t taste like water and isn’t bland . I guess it is more of a miss than a hit? Maybe I have just had too many of them too quickly but they are pretty good for flavoured soy milk. I am yet to try other brands, lets see how that goes 🙂

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