5 Outfit Ideas for University | Part 2

As a new week of university is about to start for me, I thought why not share another 5 outfit ideas for university.  This post is brought to you in collaboration with an Instagram page: fitz_by_h. Don’t forget to chuck that page a follow for more outfit ideas. Click here for part 1 just in case you missed out on that one. Continue on below for part 2 🙂


Cardigans are my favourite thing ever. They are soooo underrated. They come in different lengths and colours and of course sizes. You can buy thin ones for the hotter months and thicker ones for the warm months. Some even come with patterns. You can pair cardigans with a basic top or tube top as fitz_by_h has done below.


Shirts are so versatile. You can wear them buttoned up as the shirt is or tie it up into a crop. You can also use them like a cardigan as well. So many options. They come with different fittings,  different colours and different styles. They also come thin for warmer months and thicker for colder months. You can also wear a basic top underneath for change of colour. fitz_by_h below clearly demonstrates the effect of wearing a basic top underneath. Powerful.


Colour matching your whole outfit make you look put together. Have a read of 5 Small Tips and Tricks to Look Like A Million Bucks. It explains it all there 🙂

Bike Shorts and Blazer

Wearing bike shorts have become a trend fairly recently. fitz_by_h have easily paired them with a plain black top and a popping red blazer. This is a 2-in-1. Not only have fitz_by_h showed you a possible and easy way to wear bike shorts but she has also showed you how to dress down a blazer.

Bike Shorts and a Loose Top

Yet another example by fitz_by_h. She has easily paired them with a plain black top and a loose top. This is a 2-in-1. Not only have fitz_by_h showed you another possible and easy way to wear bike shorts but how to wear a loose top as well. You can tuck in the loose top one side or pair it will a belt.

These 5 outfit ideas that easy, simple and effortless. 3 points to take away is colours, layers, and feel. Colours can either make or break your outfit. So try to make sure the colours either match or simply go for a monotone outfit. Layers are your best friends. From cardigans to shirts you can really change the look of an outfit with layering. Don’t compromise your comfortability for an outfit because if you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit you are not going to have a good day.

I hope you enjoyed this post just as must fitz_by_h enjoyed making these outfits and I enjoyed writing this post. Hopefully, I will get more university-related posts out soon.

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