3 Reasons Why Mushrooms Are Amazing

Hellooooooooo!!!!! I absolutely love mushrooms. I think they are soooooooooo unndddddddeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaattttttttteeeeeeeeeddddddd, like hellllaaaa underrated. I can’t even begin to explain why but I can attempt to explain why they are amazing. Continue on below for my top 3 reasons why mushrooms are amazing. pexels-photo-382040.jpeg

1 – They are so Versatile

Mushrooms are soooooo easy to add into to any dish. You can add it into your stir fry, soups, curries, rice, pizza, pasta, sandwich and so much more. You can add mushrooms into your gravy and sauce, into your eggs, into your lifeeeeee!!! 😉

2 – They soooo healthy

Mushrooms as little as they look are quite mighty in there health benefits. They contain “many different bioactive compounds which may be responsible for its nutritional and therapeutic effects.” I normally get the ones depicted in the picture below, they are called Agaricus bisporus or Common mushrooms. These bad boys have “vitamin B12, D2, antioxidants, and other immunotherapeutic compounds.” pexels-photo-793267.jpeg

3 – They are a great meat substitute

I have been a pescetarian for almost 3 years now, however for the last 3 months I have been a vegetarian. Although the don’t contain any protein, I love to add these to my burger. If you find the palm-sized ones, they can easily replace a meat burger patty. When cooked right, the consistency is almost similar (in my opinion anyway). They can make any dish thick, add silky, creamy and maintain a chicken-like feeling. I don’t know if you can tell of not but I love mushrooms. I just wanted to put it out there #ShristiSaidSo Short post today but I hope you will try mushrooms if you haven’t already. If you already have mushrooms, comment below how you shroom? For similar posts click here

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