My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Products | Part 3

I absolutely love drugstore makeup. It is cheap and affordable. Literally, every time I wear makeup it is 100% drugstore makeup. From primer to setting spray, everything is drugstore makeup. If you would like to have a read of my “embarrassing first time” of wearing make up don’t forget to check out the Part 1 in this sequel (linked below). I have come a long away and currently have a drawer full makeup that I haven’t opened and a massive obsession that I actually managed to kill. I personally don’t wear makeup every day and I actually just wear makeup when there is an event, outing or a prayer.

As you have probably figured out by now, I have brought you lovely people yet another post which is a sequel. Here are another 5 makeup products that I love from the drugstore. Just like before, I am not saying that one must be wearing makeup to be beautiful or confident. There are multiple ways to be confident. You are already beautiful. 

Just in case you missed out on Part 1 and Part 2, I have linked them below:

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On to today’s this post, here is my top 5 favourite drugstore makeup, in no particular order:

L’ORÉAL PARIS Glam Bronze La Terra  – Gifted to me

I use this bronzer for when my foundation is very orange. My foundation has an orange tint to it and apparently the darker you get the more orange you get but let’s not get into the beauty industry’s attempt on shades. So this bronzer is a chocolate colour which is perfect for my skin colour post foundation. It helps define my cheekbones without me doing contouring. It is highly pigmentated so you have to be careful with application. I got this product as a birthday present but it is a really affordable product.

From Google Images

MODELS PREFER Brush Cleaner – ~$13

It is so important to clean your brushes every once in a while. How often really depends on how often you use your brushes. Ideally, you would clean your brushes after each use but at the same time that is not ideal because it will weaken the brushes. I personally love this brush cleaner, it is cheap, and really gets in and cleans all the makeup off and makes my brushes brand new. I even use this cleaner on my beauty blender it does an amazing job with cleaning it all.

From Priceline

MODELS PREFER Precision Wet Look Liner in Shiny Black – ~$15

This eyeliner is my favourite. I have tried a few but nothing really matches this one. I personally like the liquid, wet finish to eyeliner. This product is also so so so so easy to remove: I simply get my micellar cleansing water on a cotton pad and wipe away at my eyes and the eyeliner peels right off. I know it sounds weird but it is not painful what so ever. The tip of the brush is extra thin for the inner eye and the base of the tip is the perfect thickness the rest of the eye.

From Priceline

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Control Freak Eyebrow Gel ~$15

As I said in My Top 5 Essentials for my Makeup Bag post, this product will lock in the product and restrain your eyebrow hairs from moving. There is also an added bonus of making the filled in eyebrow last longer. I even use this product on my eyelashes for a clear mascara of sorts; I personally notice a difference but to the public, there is no different. I wear makeup for myself and not for others so I will forever be doing this.

From Priceline

RIMMEL Insta Fix & Matte Powder ~$9

As I said way above, my foundation has an orange tint to it. My previous foundation, stated in My Top 5 Favourite Drugstore Makeup Products, was slightly too bright for my skin so I bought an orange-tinted powder to set the liquid foundation. Now having an orange-tinted foundation, I bought a white power to set my liquid foundation. This white powder has changed my life. It is soooooooo light. It is so cheap. It is just so amazing. I personally love it.

From Priceline

Disclaimer: The price for products above is how much they are fully priced and prices may vary from store to store. Also, I am not saying that one must be wearing makeup to be beautiful or confident. There are multiple ways to be confident. You are already beautiful ❤ .

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