5 Outfit Ideas for Spring/Summer

Today’s post is about outfit ideas for spring and summer. For me it is spring but it is quite hot so these outfits are summer proof as well. These outfits are mine for a change so let me know if you would like more.

1 – A night out

I love this outfit. This top is airy so it was perfect for that night. And this skirt is fitted while being flowy. It is amazing. A fancy skirt can definitely go a long away. You can dress it down with a t-shirt or you can dress it up with a button-up shirt. 

2- All black-ish

I love wearing an outfit that is monotone or mainly one colour. I personally like black with white shoes but you do you. Wear your favourite colour and rock it. A monotone outfit can go a long way. One of my previous post, 5 Small Tips and Tricks to Look Like A Million Bucks, explains this a little more. I lately have a thing for white shoes so I matched my monotone outfit with a pair of white vans #damndaniel 😉

3- A tube skirt and a cropped top

A tube skirt looks amazing on everyone. A cropped top added to the natural sexy look of a tube skirt. It is just a perfect outfit for a tease.  All I can say is try out on the next night out with your girls.

4 –   Colourful

I have a bunch of skirts that are specific colour and have a base colour of either black or white. These are the perfect skirt because of the multiple colour combination that are possible. You can either pair the skirt with the same colour of the skirt, the matching base colour, or grey colour and more. Me being the extra person that I am. I paired the skirt above with matching shoes.

5- Dresses

Dresses go a very long way. In my opinion, a dress definitely makes a statement. This dress is an example. Try to find a dress that is not to tight so that you can breathe throughout the day. Something that fits nicely without having a neckline of having a low neckline or a too-short length of the dress.

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