The Year 2019

Before I get onto the I would like to thank each and everyone one of you readers for the last year. My family, my friends, my followers from Instagram and my followers on the WordPress page; everyone. Thank you so much for making the past year amazing. From dealing with my writer’s block to my inconsistencies from trying to manage university and work or simply taking a break. I can honestly say that The Year 2019 has been a rollercoaster. I hit massive milestones for me regarding blogging.

Last year’s new year post had 4 things that can help you out during 2019. Although a lot of people don’t believe me, I have used these 4 things and I can honestly say without these 4 things I wouldn’t have been able to make any progress in the last year. Just in case you missed out on last year’s post: Happy New Year.

Now it is 2020, it is time to say bye to 2019 and all its troubles. Hence the image for this blog post.

I would like to specifically thank Parv for letting me use his picture for this post. Make sure to check out his Instagram page @kappor.parv. He has amazing pictures and he is a great guy. Don’t forget to follow that page for more amazing clicks like these ones:

It is 2020. It is time to say bye.

Say bye to the people that hold you back.

Say bye to the things that hold you back.

Say bye to all the bad vibes

It is 2020. It is time to say hi.

Say hi to the people that encourage you.

Say hi to the things that encourage you.

Say hi to all the good vibes.

It is 2020. It is time. Your time.

Happy New Year.

May this year be full of success and happiness.

May this year be your year.

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As always, thank you for being the Samosauce to my Garam Samosa!!!

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