A Few Ways to Make 2020 Better Than 2019

Today’s post is a few ways that I plan on doing to make my 2020 a better year than 2019. I can tell that it is already working so I hope these tips and tricks work for you too.

Gratitude Journal

Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly, you should try to do a gratitude journal. This is where you write down a few or all of the things that make you grateful. You could also write about the things that make you happy as well. I do this and I feel way better. If a gratitude journal doesn’t do you fancy then try a reflective journal or a simple journal. Simply writing whatever is on your mind down does wonders.

Clean up

This year I have tried to keep my space clean and clear (or minimal items) as much as possible. My space is basically my room so I have:

  1. Cleared out my wardrobe
  2. Cleared out my decorations (that are literally collecting dust
  3. Change my sheets weekly
  4. Change my pillowcases every half weekly (soooooo good for the skin)

It is refreshing. Don’t hate it until you try it.


Nooooooooowwwwwwwww, I suck at not procrastinating but the few times that I put distractions away. Daaaaaayyyuuummmnnnn, we can do weeks of uni notes in a day (I deferred 2 exams). I wish I didn’t procrastinate as much and from my experience, I strongly suggest you don’t procrastinate. Get your stuff done. [Lowkey writing this section for me………..:) ]

These 3 small changes make the biggest difference. They have made the biggest difference. I mean we are 18 days into January and I already feel like this year is going to be better than last year. Now that is something right?

Happy 2020 and make this decade better than the last one 😉

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