3 Outfit Tips for Men

Today is a post for the lovely male readers. I thought why not share 3 outfit ideas exclusive for men. This post is brought to you in collaboration with an amazing fashion blogger: @navjotkamal. Don’t forget to follow that page for more outfit ideas.


As shown above, a monotone outfit can really go far. It is simple, matching while standing out as well. It is a simple way to look put together. A monotone outfit shows that you put a little thought into your outfit.

Hoodie + Denim jacket

I personally love this. It is casual while a little dressy. A hoodie or a sweatshirt (that has a hoodie) paired with a denim jacket or a simple bomber jacket is another simple way to change up an outfit. It is another way to show that you put a little thought into your outfit.

Rolled Up Sleeves

ROLLED UP SLEEVES ARE SO UNDERRATED. It makes you look put together. If the shirt is fitted then it will add to your silhouette and if the shirt is loose then rolling up your sleeves will give change up the loose silhouette of the shirt. A rolled-up shirt can be paired with jeans or be worn with a T-shirt underneath, few buttons left open and tucked in a little.

These 3 easy tips can literally change up your style. I think that outfits should be easy, simple but wow. That is my aim with fashion and I hope these 3 tips change up your outfits. Shoutout to @navjotkamal for the pictures and outfit inspo. Don’t forget to follow that page for more outfit ideas.

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