100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place (Baby Steps)

To acknowledge my 100th post, what has happened this year and what is happening currently, today I have 100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place. These 100 SUGGESTIONS may or may not INDIRECTLY or directly help to make the world a better place. I believe that baby steps are the best way to progress through any task. Also if you work to make yourself better for the world and if everyone does so, then somehow the world will be a better place. So much is going on right now in the world, so much has happened and it is time to change our ways.

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So without further ado, 100 Ways to Make the World a Better Place:

  1. Conserve water as much as possible
  2. Have shorter showers
  3. Don’t let the tap run unnecessarily while using water: brushing, washing hands and produce, and more
  4. Do bigger loads of laundry to reduce the amount of loads overall
  5. Use a dishwasher and try to do bigger loads as well
  6. Reduce the usage of your car
  7. Use public transport, walk, bike and all instead of using a car; carpooling helps as well
  8. Conserve electricity and gas as much as possible
  9. Use windows to allow fresh air come in and to cool your house during the summer
  10. Close binds, windows, and doors off unused rooms to reduce the amount of cold coming into your house during winter
  11. Reduce the amount of soft drink in your diet and increase the amount of water
  12. Increase the amount of vegetables in your diet
  13. Try having some more home-cooked meals
  14. Attempt to have a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity
  15. Treat others the way you wanted to be treated and don’t get surprised when someone treats you the way you treat them
  16. Volunteer towards a cause your believe in
  17. Spend some time with the elderly
  18. When travelling, be cautious and respectful about/to others
  19. Offer an ear to anyone; could change someone’s live
  20. Listen without any judgement; think about your verbal and body language
  21. Spread positivity and eventually all the negativity will be gone
  22. Don’t lower yourself: think good about yourself and others will soon follow (and think good about you)
  23. Practice equality: race, gender, sexual orientation and more
  24. Learn some basic facts about your peers and their interests to bring them joy; trust me on this one, feels amazing
  25. Practise and pursue manners: please, thank you, facial expressions and don’t forget about tone when speaking
  26. When in a gathering, reduce phone usage and attempt to be present
  27. Donate blood or plasma
  28. Donate money to a cause or to the less fortunate
  29. ‘Donate’ time for your loved ones: parents, siblings, friends and partners
  30. Clean up a space in your house; declutter, recycle and reuse
  31. Don’t litter
  32. If you find any rubbish that is not where it is supposed to be, pick it up and put it in the right place
  33. Brush up on what goes in the bin, what gets recycled and how to do so correctly
  34. Try to keep a diary: personal diary, gratitude dairy or even a dairy to keep track of your commitments
  35. When driving, please stick to the road rules and be mindful of others; not a race or Formula 1
  36. Try to reduce fast-fashion purchases and increase slow fashion purchases, or better yet:
  37. Try to not buy new clothes unless really really really needed
  38. Choose materials that are recycled when purchasing items
  39. Keep on creating content; whether it is music, art or blogging ūüėČ
  40. Use reusable cup, drink bottle, cutlery, straws, containers, shopping bags and so much more as much as possible
  41. Practice personal hygiene and aim to maintain it throughout the day
  42. Learn to wash hands properly: water, soap, water (more to it)
  43. Use deodorant or perfume; keep one with you to re-apply later on
  44. Wash your hair often to keep hair and scalp as clean as possible
  45. Clean your working surface and electronics devices often
  46. Spend time with your loved ones
  47. Check up on your loved ones
  48. Include everyone when organising gatherings
  49. Be kind to others
  50. Give hugs to those who would accept it
  51. Don’t force yourself on to others: emotionally or physically/sexually
  52. Try to bring peace to those around you
  53. Make people laugh without being disrespectful
  54. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it
  55. Make conversation with a stranger but ensure they also would like to have the conversation
  56. Give your seat to someone who needs it more than you; for example on public transport or for waiting at a stop for public transport
  57. Try to reduce the amount of swear words or complaints or negative thoughts as much as possible
  58. Be around those who inspire you
  59. Choose your crowd wisely
  60. Smile as much as possible and to passing peers (even if you don’t know them)
  61. Learn something new every day
  62. Try to read books
  63. Keep your brain stimulated with brain games, quizzes and riddles (it is said to decreases the chance of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease if you stimulate your brain as much as possible [especially in late years of life])
  64. Pursue your hobbies
  65. Change up your schedule daily
  66. Try to meet new people
  67. Minimise your alcohol intake and try to experience gatherings while being sober; you don’t need alcohol to enjoy your time
  68. Offer people compliments that are genuine and thoughtful
  69. Tell someone they look beautiful, pretty, amazing or handsome, and see their smile
  70. Tell someone you appreciate them and that you value them and see their smile (basically compliments that aren’t based on apperance)
  71. Mediate or pray (to stay calm, in my opinion and experience)
  72. Be passionate about what you like to do
  73. Take risks, nothing can substitute experience
  74. Call them, text them, DM them, message them, send them a snap or even email them. Use whatever platform you can/like to, and let them know that you want to meet up or that you miss them
  75. If you have questions, ask them
  76. If there is something you don’t like, state it and if you can then fix it
  77. If a toxic person has left your life, don’t check up on them or let them back in. They left for a reason
  78. Listen to your emotions:
  79. If you are feeling angry: it shows that you are passionate about the topic of conversation, boundaries and believes
  80. If you are feeling sad: it shows you how deep your feelings are for the reason behind being sad
  81. If you are feeling guilty: it shows you who you don’t want to be, reflect and change the issue
  82. If you are feeling bitter: it shows that you need to take some time off and heal
  83. When talking amongst peers try not to dominate the conversation and ensure that all parties of the conversation are included
  84. Avoid overthinking as it may cause stress and stress is not a good response for the human body
  85. Focus on yourself
  86. Avoid getting overly attached to people unless you know that they feel that same way; save you a lot of sad nights
  87. Forgive more
  88. Happiness doesn’t have to involve others, self happiness if more important
  89. Never control or restrict your curiosity
  90. Celebrate your own success by yourself before you celebrate with others; avoid evil eye (nazar) and avoid giving nazar
  91. Be careful with who you celebrate your success with; careful of nazar
  92. Try to live in the moment more than anything (relates to reduce electronics as stated before)
  93. If you fail, take a break and keep going. You are a lot closer than you think you are
  94. Go for walks, hikes and treks to appreciate nature and consume some fresh oxygen
  95. Know the border between giving an ear and helping and solving the problem for them and getting tangled in the middle; speaking from experience
  96. Sometimes pursuing a back up plan before your dream is ideal and needed
  97. Think about what you are going to say before you speak
  98. Learn to love yourself before you love anyone else
  99. Realise that your actions have consequences and that you are responsible for said actions and consequences
  100. Realise that what you have in the world is not the most important thing you have (materialistic v nonmaterialistic)

If you are still with me (you’re loyal xx), I would like to thank you all for being with me during my journey of blogging. This would not have been possible with you lovelies constantly showing support through reading my posts, following my journey on either instagram, facebook, twitter or the blog page itself, and commenting or sending through emails, DMs or messages.

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