Social Media Etiquette

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently making us find ways to continue on with minimal contact and to follow all social distancing regulations, a lot of things have gone online. Going from face to face interactions to online interactions can be a very hard thing and although we are slowly slowly moving back to face to face interactions, today’s post is a little community service. Today’s post is a few social media etiquettes that can help anytime but especially during the current times.

So let’s get on to the post:

  • When someone messages you and you are busy and can’t maintain the conversation, simply let the other person know that you are at work, or not feeling well, or a little busy and that you will message them a little later.
  • There is a difference between replying and having a conversation. When talking to someone online or in general, listen to understand and converse.
  • What you would say in real life is the same thing you should say online. Would you through hate comments in real life or to someone’s face? Or just online?
  • If someone tries to reach out to you and you don’t want to rekindle then let them know. This is way better than them continuously trying if you are going to ignore the messages.
  • When talking to someone, try to match their style of communication.
    • If they use full grammar and punctuation, you use full grammar and punctuation
    • If they use shorthand, you use shorthand
    • If they are learning english or any other language and you know it, let them try to figure it out and then correct them after but only if you can do so kindly
  • When talking to someone, consider the environment: formal, casual, combination?
  • Respect people’s privacy: don’t hound someone for extra details on posts if they don’t want to tell more than that
  • Limit stalking as much as possible. There is a difference of trying to know someone and getting a background check

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