Getting Fit | Getting Back Into It

With having so many of my loved ones calling me fat indirectly and directly and with gyms easing on restrictions, today I have a post for those who may be getting back into their gym regime. This post is a few things I do when I workout consistently and especially when I get back into my gym regime. Whatever your gym goal maybe, this post can surely help. Before I get onto the post, I have linked the other posts in this series just in case you missed any:

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Disclaimer: Under no circumstances am I a professional so if you do start to workout or a food plan make sure to consult with a professional before starting. You are perfect the way you are and in writing this series I am not trying to say that everyone needs to work out or be on a food plan. The final say really comes down to your health, needs, wants and most importantly you. If you don’t what to workout or go on a food plan then don’t; as long as your doctor or nutritionist clears you.

Lets get on to the post:

Follow a schedule for your time at the gym

If you have said something along the lines of I will start tomorrow, or I will do it tomorrow, then there is a high chance that it didn’t happen; unfortunately speaking from experience. So what I do to make sure I actually get my workouts in is literally ‘book an appointment with myself.’ I always put whatever I do into my laptop calendar so I book in my gym session. This not only allows you to visualise the gym session but it also allows you to record the days, timing and what session.

Try to match what you previously did

Whether you are working out from home or working out in a gym, the day before get ready. Choose your gym clothes, get your shoes ready, drink bottle, gym towel, headphones and anything else you like to add in your gym bag. Not only will this allow you to be mentally prepared for your gym session like you would normally be but you can also spend less time getting ready for when you actually go to do your workout.

Another thing you can do is do similar workouts like before. For instance, you do a leg workout and mainly focused on your glutes than do a leg workout that mainly focuses on your glutes. Obviously, if you haven’t worked out in a while you will have to make easier alternatives to your workouts.

Plan your workouts: exercises, sets, reps

If you are a wing it type of person then you do you but I personally like to plan my workouts. I like a little challenge and over plan (working on that) but I always listen to my body (careful not to listen to excuses…). I plan:

  • What muscles I am going to workout: push, pull, legs, or full body/cardio,
  • How many reps or the number of times I do each exercise,
  • How many sets or the number of times I do all my exercises, and
  • What exercises I do as well.

This allows you to have a structured plan and to track your workout so if don’t you see the results you want, you know exactly where you need/want to change. Also this checklist type of plan may make you motivated to work through your workout and reduce rest times. I don’t know about you but planning makes me more motivated.

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