What is Actually Means to be a Friend

Hello my lovelies, after a long time I have finally found something to write about. You know how it goes: out here trying to do some community service with an attempt to vent.  Daily we see, communicate and interact with so many people. From hi’s and bye’s to small talk to those deep convos, it is hard to know who is actually your friend, frienemy or acquaintances. I have seen so much happen with my friends, frienemies and acquaintances that I think it is time to write a post about; it is a sign right? Anyways, today’s post is a few things that I think prove someone’s friendship; just be wary of the frienemy kind.  Always remember, actions speak louder than words.

Let’s get on to the post:

Be around for them: when they need you and when they don’t

Sadly speaking from experience: when your inner circle is/are not around, that day is a definitely a hard day. Sometimes you just need to be around people and in absolute best case your inner circle. Just a smile, small talk or a simple sit in silence and do your own thing can do wonders. So if you are truly someone’s friend you would be around for your friends when they need you and don’t need you because at the end of the day:

Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder and live better  – Pinterest

There is a difference between listening to problems and indirectly attempting to solve them.

Under no circumstances should you solving someone else’s problems. These problems are what makes or breaks someone who they are. They are learning curves that everyone needs to face problems for maturity, growth and so forth. So when you attempt to solve someone’s problems, you are also (most likely and hopefully unintentionally) changing people. So if you are truly someone’s friend you would be wanting to provide support through hearing them out, and listening to understand rather than listening to reply. If they ask for your opinion then try to refrain and give advice that can help them clear their minds.

A true friend cares about what’s going on in your life. A fake friend will make their problems sound bigger. Be a true friend. – Pinterest.


I am just going to get straight to the point: under no circumstances should you be forcing someone into a situation, event, or anything thing that they don’t want to do. There is a MAJOR difference between a suggestion or a “do you want to come with me” and telling someone you are coming or asking numerous types (to the point of there is no option to say no). So if you are truly someone’s friend you would be giving your FRIEND an option to say no and do what they want to do

Provide a NON-JUDGEMENT zone

As a friend you should be able to come to you with anything and be face with minimal to no judgement. There are jokes and disrespect, judgement and disgrading hidden by jokes. To be honest, if someone, anyone comes to you needing help, you should provide a NON-JUDGEMENT zone. In this zone, one should feel encouraged to seek for professional help. People often seek for professional help when they are at breaking point but if people seek for professional help when they are facing any conflict they could prevent reaching breaking point. Also if people were to think about what type of person they are in other people’s eyes then maybe people would have actual decent friends.

Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.” 

I hope you now know what it actually means to be a ‘friend’, well in my books.

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