Ways to Protect your vibe

A lot of things happen to us when we least expect them. Whether it was something ‘small’ or ‘big’, it can affect your vibe. So today, I have a post on a few ways you can protect your vibe. Taking care of your vibe is taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. I am sure you can acknowledge the importance of protecting your vibe and/or work towards doing so. I am back into isolation/quarantine so before I get onto the post, I have linked my other isolation posts below just in case you missed any:

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Lets get on to the post, here is a list of things you can do to protect your vibe:

  • There are a lot of things we can’t control in life. So when feeling overwhelmed, try to think about things you can control. For instance, your breathing and/or your thoughts. I suggest thinking about what you can do to make the situation better. Now, on the chance that you can’t make the situation better, you can try changing your focus onto your breathing or counting up in 3s: 3, 6, 9, 12 and onwards.
  • No matter what stage of you’re in life, do not compare yourself to others. Everyone has different timelines. What is happening in your timeline can be and is ok to be different to other people’s timelines.
  • If you have a gut feeling about something, trust it. Nothing further needs to be said
  • Be able to spend time by yourself. There is so much more to yourself that you don’t know about. Remember there is a difference of being alone and being lonely.
  • When in doubt, spread some positivity. The world is full of negative energy. If everyone tried to change their own vibe to a positive one, the world would and could be full of positive energy. One could aim to speak and think positive things. Leading to you feeling emotionally happier and bringing positivity back into your life and the world. Another suggestion I have is to starting or follow a gratitude journal of some sort. Another option is to wake up and list things that you are grateful for. Just make sure you are not repeating yourself.
  • Before helping anyone or making any commitments, think about it first. Think about yourself first. Are you comfortable doing what is ask you? Did you have plans already? Simply say no. A lot of people will say this will is selfish. However, I don’t think it is. In the current times, it is more important to take care of yourself before you help others.

These are the main things that I have started to do and I can honestly say my vibe is never been better. It is still a working progress but I can tell that the new Shristi/Samosa is going to be great.

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