5 Changes to Better mornings

Hello, my lovely readers!!!! I hope your 2021 is going as you planned it to be. If it is not, don’t worry and find some ways to protect your vibe. A lot can be done during the remaining 4 months of 2021. You can still start now, now is the time to make a difference.

I have 5 suggestions to change to your morning routine. I have been slowly trying to make these changes myself. As per usual, I thought why not shed some light on the Life of Garam Samosa. So today’s post includes 5 suggestions or changes that can make mornings go a lot smoother and more relaxed. Since they are subtle changes, others may not realise. If you can tell something is different, why the need to find validation from others? I am back into isolation/quarantine so before I get onto the post, I have linked my other isolation posts below just in case you missed any:

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Anyways, let’s get on with the post.

Have a sleep schedule and sticking to it.

Having an inconsistent and almost non-existent sleep schedule is not so great at all. I feel lazy from either not sleeping enough or sleeping too much. I have noticed a major change in my day now that I have a sleep schedule. I have more energy. I feel more emotionally stable. I get more things done in the day. I even decreased my coffee intake.

Make sure the vibe of the morning checks out, just like your vibe.

I don’t physically get out of bed until it is too late. Meaning that the mornings are normally me rushing out of the door. My room becomes quite a mess in the mornings due to this habit of mine. I can easily avoid it by actually getting out of bed when I wake up. This will give me enough time to get ready calmly. I can even be putting things back where they go after you finish using them. Both have significantly reduced the amount of chaos in your life. It is all about the vibe of the morning.

Spend some time doing nothing at all, on yourself.

Sleeping or rolling around the bed also contributes to the chaos in the morning. Try to spend 5-10 minutes doing some form of meditation or focusing on your breathing. Being a little absent in the morning can help keep you grounded in the mornings. I try to be absent in the morning before I get ready for the day. It helps me to be a lot more grounded.

Try having a healthy and balanced breakfast.

I normally have one foot out the door in the mornings, so I almost always skip breakfast. I prefer to eat when I am hungry or peckish. It takes me a few solid hours in the morning to feel hungry. I have noticed a small breakfast, regardless of hunger, makes a big difference. It means I have enough energy for the day without the need for caffeine.

Give yourself time before letting the world in.

The first thing I do is grab my phone and scroll through social media and reply to people. I saw somewhere that you should give yourself the first 30 minutes of your day to yourself. So I suggest to you, and aim for myself, to spend a minimum of 30 minutes of your day focusing on yourself. This could be tidying up your room a little, those 5-10 minutes of mediation, time spent making breakfast, or even looking outside your window and admiring what you see.

I hope these 5 things can help you in the same way it helps/it is helping me. I still got a long way to go but let’s work on making better mornings together. Our days are already so busy. So doing these 5 things may help you to start the day and a more relaxing pace.

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.


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