Ways to Increase your Energy

I thought why not shed some light while doing the usual random community service. Today’s post is a few ways on increasing your energy to continue on. These could also be useful in trying to maintain the energy you had prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. I although the lockdown is over (where I am located), it is still strongly advised to stay home as much as possible and keep to the regulations in place.

I think my blog posts during my time in the pandemic could be of use to protect and increase your energy. There are also a few cooking posts in the mix to help keep you busy.

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Let’s get onto the post. Today’s post is about how to increase your energy or motivation to do things. I personally did and occasionally do these things so don’t feel bad about doing these things.

Stop cheating on your future with your past. It’s over.


Reduce how much you over thinking or over thinking as a whole.

I am known to overthink a situation. This results in me being extremely worried about situations and outcomes. For me, it is from this point where it all goes downhill. I start to go into self-destruction. I strongly suggest reducing your overthinking. One can write down their chain of thought. This will show what overthinking is about. It will also point out where the overthinking exactly start.

Get a sleeping pattern and stick to it.

Don’t even get me started on my sleeping pattern. Thank you for the current lockdown I am in my sleep schedule is random. I sleep and wake up at different times each day. I truly miss the time where I would be able to sleep and wake up at similar times.

It is not just about how many hours of sleep you get it is about the quality and schedule. So I mean working on going to bed and waking up around the same times each day. Another thing to consider is what you are doing before you go to sleep or wake up. I will do a post going into a little detail about this.

Increase the amount of home-cooked meals/food you have.

I love takeaway food. I love takeaway food. It is simple, easily accessible and quick. It is also expensive. Both ruining your love for home food and reducing your ability to learn to cook. Not going to lie, I struggle to have home cooked foods because of the profound love of takeaway foods. I am not satisfied with anything other than coffee from a barista. I can get my caffeine fix but not truly enjoy a coffee if it is something other than a barista.

I have been trying to cook more or enjoy home cooked meals. It rocky road but one that can be crossed. I have noticed that I have more energy and saved some money as well. I think it has something to do with less processed, oily and unhealthy foods. After all, it is these foods that help give the body nutrients and energy for the day.

I can make a post about switching back to home cooked meals. Let me know if you would like me to do it up.

Increase the amount of positive thoughts you have.

Negative thoughts. Let’s take a breather at this point. This is a tough one to handle. I can guarantee that the day or period of negative thought is going to be an energy-draining point in time. I have numerous posts about little mental health/stability pointers that I do or aim to do. Long story short, of all the blog posts, you need to take small steps and make small changes to make a long life habit. Check those blog posts out, click any of the links below.

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I know a lot of these things are easier said than done. So the notion of small steps/changes to make lifelong habits can go a long way. I hope these little steps/changes help you out somehow. Please be vigilant and follow the regulation set in place by the government bodies in your area. Remember to constantly clean your hands, keep your social distance and stay home if you’re feeling unwell. Better to be safe than sorry.

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