Getting Fit | Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Bees

I have tips and tricks that I follow and try to do daily. They allow me to eat somewhat healthier. I do these while I manage my 3 different lives into one: university student, work, and Garam Samosa. Before I get onto the post, I have linked my other isolation posts below just in case you missed any:

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Now lets get onto the post:

  • Using the same or similar plate or a bowl every single time. “You eat with your eyes first.” You will find it easier to eyeball your servings adequately.
  • Reduce or even remove your temptations from the house or put them away. We all know the 100% ideal situation is not able to have any temptations. Take slowly. Reduce how much you buy. Reduce how often you buy. Put them out of sight and apply the “out of sight and out of mind” analogy.
  • Pay attention to your body cues. Just like how to listen to your body when you have to go to the bathroom, listen to your body about eating and drinking. There is a difference between emotional eating and regular eating.
  • Throughout the day or when you get the chance, try to follow some guidelines or include this within your diet:
    • Drink lots of water that all you have time for is going to the bathroom
    • Add a protein source to every meal and once you have that down pact, try to make it a lean source of protein.
    • Each day aims to have the recommended 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit a day
    • Don’t restrict yourself from any foods or cut out a whole food group. Enjoy all things in moderation 😉

I hope these tips help you out just as much as they are helping me out. I have noticed that my snacking and portion sizes have reduced significantly. As well as my cravings for takeaway or fast foods. If you do try these tips, do let me know below. If you have other tips, share them below as well 🙂

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