Getting Fit | Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Bees

I am not going to lie. My relationship with food is a rocky one. I have recently made some lifestyle changes to my diet, and I think, well, so far, it is going great. I am trying to make my overall diet are little healthier.

Being healthy or eating healthy is quite challenging when you have a busy life. Well, I guess I have a busy life. From work to finding inspiration for Garam Samosa to executing my plan for 2022, I would consider myself a busy bee.

Today I have a few tips and tricks that help/ed me change my lifestyle. I am eating more vegetables and introducing protein in every meal while enjoying carbohydrates and satisfying my sweet tooth. I try to follow and do these daily.

Now lets get onto the post:

  • I am a firm believer that you eat with your eyes before you physically eat. Try sticking to similar takeaway containers for on the go and kitchenware at home. I find it way easier to eyeball my food portions when I don’t feel like being 100% strict on my diet (intuitive eating).
  • Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and not when you are bored. Listening to my helped me reduce my emotional eating so much. Drink the required amount of water for a solid week at least, then listen to your body cues for hunger. You will be shocked and how often you get hungry. Well, this worked for me 🙂
  • Talking about emotional eating, think if you are hungry or want to eat for comfort. We all know the ideal situation would have no temptations but take it slowly. You could try to reduce or remove your temptations from the house or put them away.

I hope these tips help you out just as much as they are helping me out. I have noticed that my snacking and portion sizes have reduced significantly. If you do try these tips, do let me know below. If you have other suggestions, share them in the comment section as well 🙂

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  1. […] Getting Fit | Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Bees […]


  2. […] Getting Fit | Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Bees […]


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