Current Obession | Hit the Pan Take 2

Hello, my lovelies!! How have you all been? I literally just finished the mid-semester exam period 😦

When I was updating the blog site, I had a post in March of 2019 about trying to finish my makeup before buying new ones. I decided to buy makeup products only when I need them and not when they are on sale or when an event comes up. Now I have lost sight of that decision. However, after doing a full face of makeup just the other day, I noticed that I have way too much makeup that I don’t even use.

I have a series called current obsessions where I discuss my current obsessions well. I haven’t been updating this series as much as I like, so stay tuned for posts dedicated to this series ;). Just in case you missed out on the other posts in this series, you can check them out with the links below:

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Okay, if you read the first hit the pan post, you would know that ‘hit the pan’ means to work towards or attempt to finish a product before buying a new product. I know this seems quite simple, but boy, it is not when you’re addicted to randomly buying things. 😦

Now for the post. This is more of a plan or me thinking out loud (in a blog post) to encourage or inspire others to do the same or similar thing with their makeup. I plan on finishing 6 products before buying new products.

  1. Foundation powder
  2. Liquid foundation
  3. Lipstick

I noticed an unnecessarily amount of products, and it is time to change that:

  • So with foundation powder, I found 3 or 4 tubs. What is worse is that it is not my 100% match. Some are either too orange or too light for my brown skin. Light dusting and touch-ups throughout the day will allow me to start making some progress.
  • Liquid foundation: I have 2 tubs. To be fair, one is a dewy finish, and another is a matte finish. But never the less, I need to start incorporating liquid foundation to my full face makeup look instead of just concealing my whole face 🙂
  • I may or may not have a marron/dark purple lipstick shade addiction. And I literally just need to stop buying new variations of my favourite lip colour that is so universal 😦

Tada!!! I hope this post inspires or encourages you to do the same with your makeup. We all need to think about how we are spending our money. We all learned a lesson with the pandemic, and I think if we use what we already have before getting new things, we could save a lot of money. As well as the environment in the long run.

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