Life of Garam Samosa | Things I Would Tell My First-Year Self

Helloooo my lovliesssss!!! I am sure by the title you may have picked up that I have a life update. I HAVE GRADUTEDDDDDDD. Whoop whoop!!! Boy, was it that a hard one. Pheewwww it is over 🙂

Today’s post lists things I wish I knew in the first year of my bachelor’s degree. It would have saved me a lot if I knew the things I know now. However, that is what life is about. Experiencing things, getting better and progressing.

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Ok now for the post:

  • There are 4 types of people you will meet in my opinion.
    • Classmates: people you will meet in your classes, tutorials, practicals or even out and about on campus. You’d have a “hey, how ya going?” type of chat, maybe even a follow-up conversation about university.
    • Friendly/polite ones: similar to classmates but not at the same time. I would say these are people with whom you’d have the “hey, how ya going?” type of chats, but it wouldn’t go further. You’d maybe just smile at these people, and that is it.
    • Those who just want the answer/help only: There will 100% be people who message you just for the answer or just for help in something. I don’t mind helping, but if you’re only going to message me just for help. You can go away, thank you very much.
    • People trying to be friends: a few people wanted to be friends with no hidden agendas, so I can’t really talk about this. I don’t actually have friends, LOL.
  • People are a little more accepting of cultural and religious differences 🙂 I saw a little more because, to this day, I am still having to prove myself to India Indians that I am Indian. I have had major fallouts with friends who can’t respect or value the difference between an India Indian and a non-India Indian. For me, that would be Fijian Indian.
  • I noticed that everyone, or at least most, pretends to know everything and that the majority don’t actually know what’s going on. Everyone is working, studying, having days off, and everyone is in the same boat.
  • Do your study before you even think about socialising. I often get asked why don’t I go out and about and socialise and don’t do this and don’t do that and blah blah. I have a strict rule that I don’t socialise before I finish studying for the day/week. If only I have this rule in my first year…
  • Others will 100% try to convince you to do almost everything their way, don’t do it unless you think you need to 100% change your ways. One can improve, but to completely change is only rarely needed, in my opinion. I have met some people who have tried to steer me in a completely opposite way. I honestly wish I just trusted myself enough to continue on. I think that you don’t need to 100% change your ways unless a teacher or reputable source has said otherwise.
  • People come and go like the waves on a beach, which is ok. Yeah, I just don’t have friends, LOL. I have people I know but minimal friends.
  • Enjoy your time but don’t forget about your education!! It is about a balance. I worried too much about education at times and didn’t worry at all. So find a balance between education, work, social and anything else you have on in such a way that you don’t burnout.

And that is basically it. There are a lot of regrets, but there are more highs than lows, and to be honest, that is more important. It is the overall picture. I am happy with the overall picture for the bachelor’s degree. I am surprised and proud of myself for all I have done and achieved. I would like to thank everyone I have come across in my bachelor’s degree journey. Everyone.

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As always, thank you for being the Samosauce to my Garam Samosa!!!


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