How I Try to Have a Growth Mindset?

Helloooo!! One of my main shortcomings is a negative and/or fixed mindset. It is time to change that, and as per usual, I am making a post for my future self in hopes of helping others simultaneously.

This post is about ways that I need to obtain a growth mindset. However, I have said it so that it comes across as advice. I am basically giving advice to my future self 🙂

To have a fixed mindset, one would believe, think and/or tend to be fixed or unalterable. A growth mindset is feeling, thinking and/or tending to grow or alter. I mean this in terms of characteristics, capabilities, intellect and developments. Ok, since that is out of the way, now let’s get onto the post:

  • If something doesn’t turn out as planned, then take a moment to think about it in whichever manner you want. Just let that energy out, negative or not just let it out. However, remember that you also need to take a moment to take a step back to access and reflect. Think about where and how you went wrong, what you can do better next time and how it can be done better.
  • This is one of those situations that are easier said than done; for me anyway. When faced with a challenge/big task, try to break it up into achievable steps to eventually overcome the challenge/big job. The smaller possible steps allow easier visualisation of the end goal and of one’s progress.
  • When receiving feedback or “constructive” criticism or constructive criticism, respect what people have to say; freedom of speech. However, reflect to see if it is actually true. Try to stay unbiased/neutral when you do this reflection. If deemed that the feedback is accurate, develop a plan of action. This is where you would think about how you can do better and improve.
  • This brings me to my next point, keep in mind that you don’t need to prove your worth, intelligence or abilities but improve. There are always ways to improve, but there is no need to prove it. If someone doesn’t believe in your capabilities, it is their problem and not yours.

To achieve anything requires hard work. Everyone can achieve anything if the mind is set on it. It is one’s effort, attitude, and MINDSET that can determine one’s fate/pathway or ability to achieve what’s ahead. I am still working on changing my fixed mindset to a growth mindset. The dot points above would ideally allow one to progress and develop forwards – hence have or work towards a growth mindset.

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2 responses to “How I Try to Have a Growth Mindset?”

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