How to Know if Someone Deserves a Spot in Your Inner Circle?

Hello my lovelies!!! I am back with yet another post :))

Today’s post is about how you know someone is good for you or not. Now, I am no pro when it comes to deciding this butttttt I am working on it and I thought to share a few gut feelings or instincts I do get. I am strong believer in trusting your gut instinct. Your body knows things before you do and a lot of the feelings we get are an indicator of what should or shouldn’t do.

We live in a world today that it is so much easier to bottle things up and be very closed off or simply not truly get to know someone. Let’s not get into this rabbit hole and get on to the post:

  • If you can be vulnerable around someone without receiving ANY form of negative energy after. I am talking about judgement, back-talk, sarcastic comments, or pretending to care. There is a massive difference between giving constructive feedback and/or advice and putting someone down and/or attacking someone.
  • If they have emotional maturity. Everyone gets annoyed, angry or upset but everyone also needs to be realistic about their emotions. This means having emotional expressions under their control and not having outbursts each time.
  • If they are genuine. So they genuinely are interested in getting to know you and genuinely trying to support your progression in life and career. It is not always about them and they will listen to you as well.
  • If boundaries are respected and not tested. This is one the biggest red flags that I cannot express any more clearer than: IF THEY DO NOT RESPECT YOUR BOUNDARIES THEY ARE A BIG NO NO!!!!! We are talking about boundaries around your family, religion, culture, food, morals, values and literally everything. If someone has different boundaries or morals, or values, then that is okay and you are to respect them as well. But if someone is actively trying to push your boundaries, I am sorry but they gotta gooooooo!

Look at the end of the day you honestly just know if someone is supposed to be in your inner circle. Like yay or nay, your gut will know and you would have some form of confusion as to why you know.

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