35 Tiny Habits to Add to Your Routine for a Healthier Lifestyle

Hellooo my lovelies!!!! I was looking back at the new year’s resolutions that I had set myself for this year and I was not happy with myself. But that is okay because I did achieve a lot and they just weren’t what I expected. So don’t forget to look at the overall picture!!

Anyways, the overarching new year resolution was to make better lifestyle for myself. I knew this wouldn’t be an easy thing to do and I do genuinely believe I have made progress. There is so much more that I can do but yeah lol hehe small steps.

Today’s post is a list of a few tiny habits that can be added to one’s routine to have a healthier lifestyle. I do quite a lot of these things already but I also still got a lot of room of improvement. As per usual, this post is for future me but I think other’s might benefit from it too and so I though to made it into a blog post. Now let’s get on to the post:

  1. Wake up before sunset
  2. Open up windows for fresh air and light
  3. Make your bed
  4. Drink a glass of water as soon as possible in the morning
  5. Little to no phone usage in the morning
  6. A colder shower in the morning and a warmer shower in the evening – depending on the weather
  7. Sit down and eat a breakfast- without rushing through it
  8. Take some time to be present – meditation or deep breathing exercises
  9. Avoid eating out and try sticking to home-cooked foods; it is about 80% “good days” and 20% “bad days”
  10. Focus on drinking water instead of sipping through coffee, juices or tea.
  11. Avoid caffeine after midday and absolute latest 3pm
  12. Try smiling at minimum 3 strangers a day – no more resting b face 😉
  13. Go for a lunch time walk – 5 to 10mins walk can do wonders
  14. Take a moment to prepare for the next day the night before hand: bag, food, clothes..
  15. Do at least one cleaning task a day – dishes, tidying up the place, sweeping and mopping, folding the laundry and putting it away.
  16. Have minimum 8k steps a day, ideally 10k but minimum 8k
  17. Aim to drink a minimum of 1 liter of water, ideally 2-3 liters
  18. Change out of the clothes you wore for the day then go about your evening or the rest of your day – home clothes vs. outside clothes
  19. Every day aim for a minimum of 30-45min of physical activity
  20. Add a protein source to each meal
  21. Also add fruits and vegetables to your day – 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruits
  22. Try something new each week and then once comfortable with that try something new each day – a new colour in your wardrobe, new food, new route to work or a new flavour of your favourite coffee
  23. Every hour of the day try to take 200-300 steps or dynamic stretch while also drink a glass of water
  24. Take time to rest from your day with a creative activity – it is stimulating in a different way: colouring in, painting, drawing, making tiktoks?
  25. Start a journal to express the bottled emotions without having to get unsolicited advice – if you think you need advice or someone to talk to, please visit a professional
  26. Take 5 minutes to write down 3-5 small goals or tasks you would like to accomplish for the day
  27. Take 5 minutes to tick of what you have accomplished and write down what you accomplished that wasn’t on your list.
  28. Turn off notifications for your day and have the settings that your close circle and boss can only reach you – increasing your productivity for the day
  29. Contact one person you haven’t seen in a while each week or day
  30. Have a gratitude journal – aiming for different things you are thankful for each time
  31. Learn a new word each week and practice to use it in sentence – increase your vocabulary
  32. Aim to get 7-9 hours daily – you will notice a big difference!!
  33. Floss before brushing and not rinsing after brushing at night time
  34. DO NOT eavesdrop or listen into other people’s conversation
  35. Take the steps needed to learn something about your own culture, language and/or religion

This is more of a list of things that I consider to be part of a healthy lifestyle and particularly the lifestyle that I am trying to work towards. Someone can always improve and everyone is on a different stage in their journey. Hence, I have included things that some may find that they already do while other find that they don’t. Hopefully this post opened your eyes to on how you can have a healthier lifestyle.

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