No More New Year’s Resolutions!!

Enough is enough. No more new year’s resolutions!!

How many years have you made new year’s resolutions, trying to turn a page or make a new chapter to only fail or forget about it until it is too late, and you wish you stuck to it or made better progress? How many years?

In 25 days, it will be 2023. Most people will make new resolutions for the year and try to lose those kilos, run that marathon, or whatever else people tell themselves they would do. In reality, it most likely won’t happen…again.

So this time, instead of a new year’s resolution, try doing something new. Don’t wait until the new year. Do it now. Try making lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix. Try becoming the best person you can ever be. Try becoming that person you have always wanted to be.

Typically, a new year’s resolution is a false hope that something will change. So change your thought about the new year. Take a day at a time. Don’t spend all your time in the past and the future that you forget about the present.

Think about the overall picture of what you are trying to achieve. Each day, make a step towards that.

Today’s post wasn’t the usual post, but this has been playing in my mind for a while. I thought to share “my two cents” on it.

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3 responses to “No More New Year’s Resolutions!!”

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