Something to Consider before Eyebrow shaping

Hello my lovelies!

I have never been happy with my eyebrows. I say never I mean never. Well, let’s say happy enough to go about my day but not happy. The amount of times I have grown out my eyebrows for months on end to shape them and for it to not work out because I have two different eyebrows.

Anyways, today’s post are things I wish I considered before I started shaping my eyebrows back in high school 🙂

1 – Face and Eye Shape

Yeah this eyebrow shape is nice and yeah that eyebrow shape is nice but at the end of the day if it does not match your face shape I don’t even wanna hear it. I strongly suggest you to first look into the shape of your face and then decide the shape of your eyebrows accordingly. If you really want to be particular about this there is also eye shape to consider. Have fun in this rabbit hole 🙂

2 – Tools that you use for your Eyebrows

It is not necessarily about high quality but more about what you are actually using. The thread for threading, the tweezers for tweezing, face razor for shaving and wax for waxing. Do what works for you but just make sure it is works for your skin, matches your technique level and is manageable for your lifestyle.

3 – Eyebrow Products

Same as tools, it is not necessarily about high quality but more what you are actually using. The pencil or pomade for filling in your eyebrows, the concealer for lining your eyebrows, the primer for underneath everything, the eyebrow setting gel for keeping everything on and the list can continue.

4 – Trends

This is more of my opinion than anything, but I think that trends that involve permanent change should be well and truly thought over. Especially when it is things that can’t grow back fast enough. For example….eyebrows?

5 – How eyebrows look with vs without makeup

Before making any changes, think about how your eyebrows would look like with and without makeup. When I am shaping my eyebrows, I base it off how my eyebrows look naturally and before any make up. This helps me not to make them too thin or too think. Once I am happy with my natural eyebrows then I fill them in how I would and make small adjustments accordingly.

There you go, 5 things I thought you lovelies could use the next time eyebrow day comes. I also a different eyebrow related post a while back, which you can check out here.

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