3 Things to Stop Doing ASAP

Hello my lovelies!!!!!!!

Do you know people who constantly complain about everything in their life? Do these same people also not make an effort to better their life?

I have had enough people who constantly do these things below, and I have even done these things myself, and I think it is time to stop.

1 – Playing the victim or blaming circumstances

Oh, my days!!! Ok, so these are the people who don’t take the blame and blame others or other things for what is happening in their life. People who cannot fathom that they are at fault will blame everything but themselves literally. It is never their fault; it is always someone or something else’s fault. They lack the mental maturity to take responsibility for their life, decisions, behaviours and themselves.

2 – Thinking it’s lucky to be successful

These are the same people who won’t even try to change their circumstances and will think it is all up to luck and chance. Like no. How many people who work day in and day out to provide the lifestyle that they want to have. How many people who took the risk to invest or to have a startup. That didn’t and doesn’t happen by luck or chance. They took the time and effort needed to get to where they were.

2 – Feel sorry for yourself

And then these people feel sorry for them yourselves because they are not progressing. Like no…again hehe.

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