Happy Holi!!!!!

Hello my lovelies!!

Happppyyyyy Hooollllliiiiii!!!!!

Today I thought to share some light on Holi and the Hindu/religious beliefs behind this festival.

Holi is very commonly known as the Festival of Colours. It is celebrated as the seasons change in India from winter to spring. The spring colours and coloured powder wash out the dull winter and evil, bringing together friends, families and communities. Coloured powder is typically smeared on the white clothes of your friends, families and community members. So without the religious aspect of it, Holi uses the colour to celebrate spring, encourages people to repair their friendships and relationships, and brings the community together.

Now the religious aspect of it, based on what I know: Holi is about celebrating good over evil. However, after a little google search, I found out about “Holika Dahan.”

The legend behind Holi goes something like this: there once was a demon king who went by the name of “Hiranyakashipu.” Any animal or human can’t kill Hiranyakashipu, and because of this, he wished to be worshipped like God. His son, “Prahlada,” refused and continued worshipping Lord Vishnu. Hiryanyakashipu was furious and insisted that his son be murdered instantly. However, Prahlada survived, and it was up to “Holika” Hiranyakashipu’s demon sister.

Holika got her nephew to sit on a wooden platform used to cremate bodies. It is said that fire can’t burn Holika due to a blanket or scarf that provides her protection. With this in mind, Holika tried to burn Prahlada, but the fire was bigger than expected. The blanket or scarf landed on Prahlada, resulting in Holika burning alive. Lord Vishnu came to Hiranyakashipu as half-human and half-animal and managed to kill the demon king.

So the good won over the evil. This legend is apparently celebrated by a contained bonfire. To represent the Holika burning.

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